Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Who Do You See!

Does Brad look like our Daddy?
Does Ethan look a little like Robert?

I found this picture in an envelope of pictures I had here at the shop.

It brings back a lot of memories, sad and happy.

A Home for Lucky

Andrea, Steve and Veronika are taking Lucky! I took this picture to make a flyer for the vet's office. Lucky for Lucky that the Tripp's want Lucky now.
He was so funny last night. A neighbor's cat was on our front porch, Lucky went crazy wanting out to get him off his porch. He loves watching the birds outside my window.
Bye Bye Lucky!

Monday, January 15, 2007


These are the goldfinch that I feed. I can't believe how many there are. I love to listen to them in the morning. The other feeders have cardinals and an assortment of birds. The cat and I both love watching them.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Signs of Spring

Can you believe it! My garden sprang to life after the holidays!

Not really, but this morning I did see the tiny tops of my crocus. Under them are my lovely tulips waiting to burst forth! I have the pansies planted, the tulips and crocus come up through those.

The goldfinch are swarming the feeders! This morning I counted 18 at the one feeder. They sing to me as I wake up in the morning.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I really really love Chrstmas!

I really enjoy giving presents, but receiving is great too. I collect Christmas ornaments and Santa's, so this hand carved Santa gourd is beautiful, from Andrea and Steve. Brad and Paula gave me this high chair, I can just imagine all the babies that will share it. Amanda and Josh gave me this vase, it reminds me of my garden. I plan to use the design to decorate my kitchen to match.

I don't want Christmas to be over. I kept my indoor and outdoor lights on until we came home last night. I will give all the decorations up now, and put them away until next year. But I have shopped the after-Chistmas sales for more stuff! I have big plans for next year!

We have had so much fun. Christmas Eve, Andrea and Steve, Ron and I went to Garvan Woodland Gardens to enjoy the walk thru light display. Christmas Day we had all the kids and grandkids for breakfast and presents, Veronika got to come over in the afternoon, so we had more presents and fun. Then Christmas dinner together. Boxing day, we delivered the bigger gifts to the kids.

Saaturday, Jackson's 2nd Birthday party was such fun! We used that day to enjoy Christmas with the McIntyre/Powell families! That boy loves "Tractors"!!!

Alas! The party is over. The New Year has begun! Amanda and Josh had everyone over for a deer steak dinner on New Year's Day! Yum! It was delicious!

I Love Christmas!

Not only did we get to see the kids open their presents, but the next day we delivered the bigger things to their house, and got to see them play with their things outside. Veronika actually got a kitchen from us, the bike was from Santa. Her and Jackson played kitchen at our house Christmas afternoon.
Jackson learned to say "presents", and loves to open them. Tucker got really excited when he saw bows and tearing paper. Veronika can take care of her new babies!
The grown kids were fun to watch too, but grandchildren just really are special.