Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sisterhood of the Traveling Journals

Amber came up with a great thing! For Andrea's "Girls Night", Amber made all the girls(and one guy) a journal. We are to write memories about and thoughts about each other. These are for each to read later when needing a little pick me up or maybe just missing each other.

I have loved mine so far. I peaked at mine while writing in the others.

Ann, Angie and Stacy have the journals right now. Kay should get them next.

I would like to continue the tradition next year. Maybe each get their journal back, but put them back in circualtion at our next "girl's outing" or any family gathering.

Thanks Amber!

Monday, November 27, 2006

How About Them Hogs!

I love when the Razorbacks play Little Rock games. I get to babysit the boys. Friday was beautiful, actually the whole weekend was great weather and great activities.
Thrusday, we had Amanda and Josh for breakfast and the Macy's Parade, Andrea and Steve for our first dinner, then Brad, Paula, Jackson, Tucker and Gloria and Rick for a late dinner.
So we ate all day on Thrusday.
Friday we kept Jackson and Tucker during the game. Andrea and Steve came over later with Veronika. Then had everyone for dinner again. I cooked more this weekend than I have since last year. I really enjoyed it, but I have too much leftovers.
Saturday, we worked in the yard, raking leaves, planting bulbs and pansies.
Sunday we celebrated Brad's 27th birthday by going to Shogun's. It was good food, but Jackson and Veronika decided the fire was terrifying. I thought they would just love the cooking show! Wrong! Veronika sobbed, Jackson crawled/climbed up our lap to get away.
I even worked in a little Christmas shopping Sunday afternoon, and took Mama a poinsetta plant, it was artificial, but looks real.
It was a great 4 days!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Andrea's Wedding

Andrea and Steve are married! Thank you family and friends for supporting them and us these months of preparation; showers, gifts, and the most important, your prayers for them and Veronika!
I really loved this weekend, the wedding was great. And getting to spend the rest of the weekend with family was terrific. I love you all!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Jackson and Tucker

I am posting Amanda's pictures, I will post some of mine tomorrow. Tucker is being his cute little self! Jackson learned how to RACE! Alexia and Austin started racing, so we all had to take turns racing. After that he would stand by the tree, count to three, then run!

Girl's Night in Natchez

We had a Girl's Night in Natchez for Andrea, two weeks before the big day. Her Aunt Kay, Aunt Ann, sister's Amanda and Paula, cousins Amber, Angie and Staci, along with the children and babies, met in Natchez, Mississippi for a Girl's Night out.

We had beautiful rooms in Vadalia, Louisiana, overlooking the Mississippi River. Across the river is Natchez. Natchez has a lovely history, lovely antibellum homes to tour, beautiful gardens, live oaks, giant magnolias.We took a carriage ride with a narrated history lesson. There were two weddings going on in the city. Natchez is popular for their "Southern Belle" weddings. The weather was perfect.

We had lunch at a really nice place, Pearl Street Pasta, if anyone happens to travel to Natchez.

It was a wonderful getaway for us girls to spend time together.

Thank you all for taking time from your busy life to celebrate with Andrea!

Friday, November 03, 2006


Our last night in Las Vegas is over. We just saw "Love" the newest Cirque show. It was so fun. Last night we saw Danny Gann, an impressionist. He is very talented.
This week has been hard, with all the walking. We are exhausted! But Ron made a lot of good contacts. And we have had some fun too.
I am really looking forward to Natchez too. I will be so spoiled, I won't want to go back to work and the real world next week.