Monday, September 20, 2010

The Wonder Place

The Wonder Place is my favorite place to take kids on a Saturday afternoon. It's small enough, and open enough to see all of the areas while the kids play. This particular Saturday, Andrea, Steve, Amanda, Fiona came also. I thought I could take the five kids, the walkers and talkers, as I call them.  I think maybe Evie and Violet will need to be a little older before I take 5 kids anywhere on my own. By the time they are old enough, Phoenix will want to go too!  Then Fiona.......!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jackson and Tucker

Jackson and Tucker had their first Upwards Soccer game Saturday morning. East Union sponsors Upward Soccer, I don't know a lot about the program, except that it is a Christian based sports program. The teams pray before the game, there is someone giving their testimony during the half time break and they have devotion time during the practice. I am so happy that our Church provides this outreach ministry for the kids in our community.

Jackson lead the game off with a goal in the first kickoff! I didn't get a picture of that because I wasn't expecting that much excitment at the first of the game. I kept my camera out for the rest of the game.

Ron and I have to miss the next two games because of a business trip and a family trip. The business trip has been planned for several months, and I really wanted to have this fishing trip with my sisters and our husbands. While I will really enjoy the traveling, I am already sad to be missing the boys games.

I have season passes to the Children's Theater for Jackson, Tucker, Veronika and myself. Due to our traveling, this was the only weekend I could take the kids to see "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer". Veronika wasn't here this weekend, so Andrea or Steve will have to take her later, but I wanted to be able to take Jackson and Tucker to see it. Paula left their Razorback game watch party to bring the boys to Little Rock, so we could make it to the play on time. The game wasn't even over, and it was a really exciting game end, so I especially appreciated that effort.

The play was entertaining. Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn were two some of my favorite books when I was young. The production was very interesting. They had the raft that Tom, Huck and their friend rode to the island when they ran away from home and they had a rope swing the boys played on when they went swimming in the creek. I think I wanted to be an adventurous boy when I was young.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grandparents Day

                                    Jackson, Violet, Phoenix, Veronika, Fiona, Tucker and Evie

Grandparents day was Sunday! We started the celebration on Thrusday, by having breakfast with Jackson at school. Ron and I had breakfast with Jackson, toured his classroom, met his teacher and some of his classmates! We were very excited, this was our first Grandparents Day at EE.

Dodi, Jackson and Poppa

Jackson and Tucker gave me a book, "The Botany of Desire." because as Jackson said,
"It's because you like plants and stuff"! It promises to be pretty entertaining book.

Sunday, we went to lunch at El Chico. We didn't really think about it being Grandparents Day. In fact, I didn't think about it until the next day. But what happened Sunday night, really made my day.

Preschool choir started for the fall on Sunday night before the evening service. Jackson, Tucker, Evie and Violet all went to choir practice. To start the evening service the preschool choir preformed! I had 4, yes FOUR! grandchildren singing in the preschool choir. I don't remember what they sang, but it was beautiful. Veronika was sitting next to me, I was holding Fiona, Phoenix was in the pew in front of us.

Now that was a Grandparents Day Gift!

Friday, September 03, 2010

More Candy

I have been corresponding with a vendor in Turkey. I finally asked him his name, because we could not determine what his name actually was from the emails. His name is Ahmet Erhan, by the way. So we send some emails back and forth about personal information, not just the usual price, delivery, shipping, etc. He asked me if I was Mr Ron wife or sister. I told him we were a family business and that I was Ron's wife and that we had 3 children and 7 grandchildren.
This is what he emailed me, unedited  and without spellcheck:
"family business it is good I am always happy when I do business more sincere more warm because its family
when you ask anyone here who is more value and candy , childeren or grandchilderen many people says here grandchilderen

for you what about this sitation who are more candy for you ,your childeren or grandchilderen

I wish you and your family healty long life and your children and grandchilderen"

I love that, my grandchildren are more "CANDY"!