Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ron's 57th Birthday

We celebrated Ron's birthday Tuesday night, his birthday is Friday, but we have our Easter Program Friday night at church.
I have to complement myself. His birthday dinner was delicious! Amanda and I went home early to start cooking. We marinated steaks and fresh salmon. Steve cooked the steaks outside and we cooked the salmon inside. The food was so good! Little Tucker loves tiny tomotoes and most other food too.
The company was really great too. I love playing with the grandkids! The grown kids are OK too.

New Project

This is a preview of a project I am doing with my grandchildren. I bought all Jackson, Tucker and Veronika a barrel and some plants. I am going to make a mini garden with each one. I have several plants for them to choose from. Red and purple petunias, lamb's ear, lavender, cherry tomatoes, gladiolus and calla lily bulbs, etc. I will update through the season on our little project.

Spring 2007

Spring may be my favorite time of the year! The dogwoods are blooming, the tulips, azaleas, my "Lady Banks Rose", everything is blooming.
You may notice in the rose picture, our brick wall fell down. It's been leaning for a couple of years. Lucky it didn't ruin my rose bush or the clematis growing by it.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Celebrating 30 Years!

What a wonderful 30 years, March 5, 1977 to March 5, 2007!