Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy 58th Birthday to Me!

I like to celebrate my birthday for several days. On Saturday we woke up to rain, so Ron and I drove to Clinton to visit the Pottery Shop. I found the store on Facebook. I wanted a pumpkin for the fall and found several cute things.

I went for one of these! I bought one of these and some more cute pumpkins!
I found these also. I had the biggest Billy Goat Gruff, now I have the middle Billy Goad Gruff and
the baby brother Billy Goat!
I love my yard trash! I have bought several cute shirts from there too.
On Sunday, I cooked spaghetti and meatballs for the kids. We ate, we swam! I didn't get enough pictures of the kids swimming. Evie really learned to swim this summer. She is swimming, diving, jumping off the diving board. Fiona can swim pretty good, but will not leave the shallow water. Violet can swim, turn a flip under water, but will not leave the shallow either. Phoenix had ear surgery earlier in the year, so he has to wear a swim cap. He is a little fearless in the water, but isn't quite swimming yet, but he will jump off the diving board, go down the slide, but wears a life jacket or one of the puddle jumpers.

My actual birthday was Monday. I had to work! And it was a very busy day at work too! I continued my celebration by taking Veronika for a pedicure and Wednesday and I had a brush massage on Thursday. I enjoyed turning 58.

Grandkids 2013


Tripp Kids
Thomas Kids

Dowler Kids






Every year for my birthday, I like to have a family picture. This year, the adults said August is too hot! We may try again in October for a group picture with adults and kids.
Anyway, I love to watch year to year to see how big the kids have gotten.