Monday, August 25, 2008

Dorey's Catfish

We went to Dorey's in Leola when Steve's parents were in town last week. It is a little like going on a vacation, especially since you drive for an hour to get there.
After feasting on the buffett, you take the kids out to the petting area, or feeding area, with goats, ponys, llamas, rabbits and even a small herd of deer.
The kids enjoy seeing the animals play, and the adults enjoy seeing the kids play.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

My Garden

Every year I decide I will not plant a garden in the ground, container gardening is so easy, ground gardening is so hard, so many weeds, so much bending. I went ahead and asked Ron to till up a small garden for me, he tilled up the big spot again. So I planted and planted, I was angry that he had tilled up so much ground, but I worked late into the night sticking seeds in the ground.
Well, now I have beautiful sunflowers, lovely zinnias(with butterflies), the corn is making tassles, the zuchinni is blooming, the okra is so beautful and I have a cucumber bed.
God is so amazing, we can plant a little seed, and with a little sunshine and some rain, we are given flowers and food!

Baby Update

Evie is here!! We took this quick picture when Evie was a few days old. We haven't managed to get a group picture when Veronika was with us. But I hope to get a family and a grandchildren picture soon.