Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Evie

Evelyn Joyce Thomas was born on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon, June 25, 2008. Someday, Evie will know how hard her Mom worked to get her into the world.

Evie was quite engaging at birth! And she still is. Evie is one of the most verbal toddlers ever! It’s kind of funny that she talks so well. You get a glimspe into what toddlers are thinking.

At Evie’s birthday party, Evie and Violet were eating some snacks, Violet leaned across the table and kissed Evie on the lips. It was so cute. Then Evie turned to us and said, “Violet loves Evie!”

That girl loves her kittens just like her Mommy did! It is so funny to see her carry her little kitten around like a rag doll. And the kitty seems to love it too! Max follows her around everywhere she goes.

Evie is an outdoor child through and through. After living in town for most of her first two years, she has quickly adapted to county living. Evie follows her Mommy and Daddy around the yard when they do yard work. And if Evie spies Poppa across the yard, she yells over for a tractor ride! And of course Poppa will go get his tractor and go pick her up. Evie loves to play in the dirt when she helps me plant my seeds or plants. She does not mind getting dirty.

Evie is so blessed, she has so many relatives! Parents, grandparents and great grandparents, besides all the aunts, uncles and cousins! And best of all, Evie is going to have a baby sister soon, Fiona!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Blue Hydrangeas

My cousin Mary, posted a photo of her hydrangea that bloomed, finally after 3 or 4 years. Mary planted the hydrangea after it was given to Allie at Aunt Marion’s funeral. That started a series of posts about our memories of hydrangeas. My childhood home had blue hydrangeas along one side of the house. Mary remembered those blooms. Allie remembered her Meme’s neighbor that had the beautiful blue blossoms every year. Sadly, whoever now owns that house that Allie and Kim picked hydrangea from, cut them all down to the ground. No hydrangeas bloom at that house on Baseline Road this year.

I know that because my drive to work is highlighted by the various landscapes that I keep watch on, and have for the 20 plus years we have lived out here. Truthfully, the drive down Chicot doesn’t really take me by any fantastic homes or gardens, but I have to take what pleasure I can from the sporadic garden attempt of my neighbors.

One of the first plants I planted at this house were my blue hydrangeas. They bloom this time of year. They are a pale blue at first, by the time June arrives, they will reach a deeper blue. Every year, the blooms take me back to my childhood.

Our hydrangeas were on the side of the house, probably the north side. It was the shady, cool spot between our house and the next door neighbors’ house. We didn’t have a “garden spot” by the hydrangeas, there wasn’t a bench to sit at, but somehow, I must have spent a lot of time looking at them.

Hydrangeas are really easy to grow and propagate. Out of the original 6 or so plants I bought from a mail order catalog, I have gotten “babies” from them and started so many more. Really more that I want. As much as I love them, they are not really very pretty when they are not in bloom. Even still, the front of my house is lined with blue hydrangeas, which faces north. I transplanted the 1st two babies on the east side of the house. The next bunch of babies I found at the base of the plants, I moved out to the pole barn. Then I moved two more babies to the other side of the front walk. I want to name our place, “Hydrangea Heaven”! I actually saw that in a magazine.

When I have started a baby plant, they usually bloom pink the first few years. I prefer the blue, what could be prettier? I have shared the baby plants with friends and family. I love thinking about some of the plants blooming for someone else.

Soon, I will post about the 4'oclocks, they are about to bloom soon!