Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fordyce Pond Signs of Rain!

Ron and I went to Fordyce to see his pond back in September. Ken Adams built the pond for his the summer of 2011. Today, Feb 2012, Ron went to Fordyce to see the pond, and the pond is full! He is hoping to draw the wildlife to his hunting woods!

Friday, February 10, 2012

California 2012

I think these are sea lions! They are loud, bellowing at each other, fighting for a spot on the wharf!

Dolphins, they were so fun to watch! They jump and play and follow the boat.

A Grey Whale! The glimpse of the whales it pretty quick, first you see a spray of water, then they come up for a few minutes, maybe splash their tail, then go under for 20 minutes or so.

A pelican, thank goodness they are not afraid of people, I am not a dedicated bird watcher or a very good photographer, this one just posed for me!

                      California is very friendly to the plant life, I love seeing things in bloom when back in Arkansas
                      we are having our winter.

Ron and have traveled to California for a "National Defense Industry Association" meeting with Department of Defense officials. The meeting is organized to give information to government contractors about the future of government budgets for Tactical Wheeled Vehicles. The meetings are very informative! I am especially grateful that Ron wants to attend these meetings and they are held in such a great meeting location.