Friday, October 23, 2009

Getting Old and Pickles

Ron is going to turn 60 in 2010! I have been making arrangements for his celebrations, we are going to celebrate all year in fact.

Sometimes I worry about getting old!

I love the Pickles Cartoon. The old couple have been married for 50 years. They are so funny and so real!

Getting old sometimes seems really bad. I can' see very well. I have so many aches and pains. I don't know where all these wrinkles came from! And the grey hair...!

But getting old has it's rewards too. Our kids are grown and out of the house. We get to spend our money on ourselves or the grandkids, because that is really fun too. Cooking for two is easy.
The peace and quite is wonderful, no fighting!

Young parents, do not dispair, your reward will come in 20 years or so!

I love this!


Saturday, May 30, 2009


This picture doesn't really show how it works, but if squeeze the sides of the flower, it opens and closes, like a mouth, a dragon mouth.


It has been over a year since my Mom died. April 13, 2008. I haven't been to the cemetary to visit her grave. Friday night I was coming home from some errands in Benton and Bryant, and decided to drive down Highway 5. It's such a peaceful drive and I can check out landscaping along the way. I guess because night comes late, the gates to Pinecrest were still open. I decided it was time to visit my mother's grave.
It may seem strange to visit a cemetary, but we were raised to visit the cemetary several times a year. Our brother had died at a young age. I guess our parents wanted us to remember him and honor his memory. He died before the three youngest of us were born. My parents had Robert and Anita, my Mom was pregnant with Ann, when they had the wreck.
It was always a big event to visit the cemetary, we took flowers to decorate the graves of my grandparents, my brother, several uncles, and cousins. Then my Dad died and we continued to take our Mother to visit. It was a part of our life.
Now my parents are not here to tell me to visit the cemetary. I went, but didn't have any flowers. I paid my respects to my family. I have had a little guilt about not going this past year.
I decided that I do not have to visit the cemetary to remember and honor my family that have gone on before me. I remember them all the time.
When I work in my garden I think about how much my father loved working in his garden. My sisters and I dug up plants out of his garden before we sold the house we grew up in. I have iris, buttercups, and 4 o'clocks that came from his garden. Some of the 4'oclocks came to me by way of Ann's house. I brought his round stepping stones from the front yard and placed them in my garden. I step on them whenever I do yard work.
My Dad built a chest when he was in the navy. I have had it in storage for years. Ron got it out for me and fixed the broke legs. I am in the process of sanding and restoring it.
My Mom, in her younger days, laid a slate rock patio. Last week I was making a rock walkway, and I thought of that patio. I guess I always loved growing things. My Mom helped me plant radishes when I was young, my garden was maybe a 2 foot square, I have vivid memories of watching them grow.
I am in the process now of helping my children and grandchildren make those memories. Monday, I had Jackson and Tucker help me plant some cosmos seeds. And they got to pick fresh blueberries from my bushes. Veronika had a dance recital tonight, I was able to pick her an orange lily from my garden.
I want the memories of my family to be full of happy times, that they will know how much I love them. And they will remember the times we spent together. I want to be at every ball game, every recital, every party and I feel so blessed to be invited and able to particiapate in these events.
Paula told me a funny story. I had taken Veronika, Jackson and Tucker to a play at the Childrens Theater. We sat in the garden waiting for the show. I picked a snapdragon and showed it to the kids. Paula said when she cut a muffin sideways, the boys said , "Oh, that looks like a snapdragon, like Dodi showed us."

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The last MOPS meeting for the year was last Wednesday. The moms had a short meeting, then they had the volunteers come to the Life Center to thank them for taking care of their kids during the year. Then the MOPPETS sang. This is Brother Marks version of Deep and Wide. Jackson and Tucker think it is hilarious!


This is from August 2008. We have hummingbirds, but not this many yet. They usually increase in the numbers in the heat of summer.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Getting Tagged

I, of course, will goof up this getting tagged thing, but here goes.

First, 8 things I look forward to:
Having a new grandson, Phoenix.
Spending time with my grandchildren.
Growing flowers, especially sunflowers, zinnia, cosmos, morning glories, and food like, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, etc. and perennials.
Getting to swim this summer, especially with the grandchildren.
Getting my house finished so that we will have more room to enjoy the grandchildren and the enhanced view of the garden and birds.
Planning Ron's 60th birthday celebration.
Waking up each day, enjoying the first cup of coffee while watching birds at the feeders.

8 things I did yesterday
birdwatched(I can't hardly get dressed for watching the birds)
enjoyed my coffee
went to Jackson's TBall game, sat in the van in pouring rain until it was cancelled
ate dinner at East End Cafe
remembered why I do not like dinner at East End Cafe
read the newpaper
went to bed, but couldn't sleep, so watched TV until 2:00, which actually was today, which caused me to be sluggish all day today

8 TV shows I watch
American Idol, 1st year for me and I have really enjoyed it
Ugly Betty
30 Rock
How I Met Your Mother
Big Bang
(when I watch TV I also read the paper, home decorating or gardening magazines and play solitare on my iphone, which would explain why I don't get ANY house work done, even though all we have right now is the pool house and bedroom.)

8 people I tag
any and everyone who might read this

Monday, May 04, 2009

Awana is over for the year!

Veronika is in Sparks. She received the First Book Award. I know that Veronika worked really hard to learn her Bible verses to complete the book.

Jackson received his first year award. These kids learn the Bible at Awana! They have Bible time, devotion time, play time and snacks.

Awana stands for "Approved Workman Are Not Ashamed". This program teaches Bible scripture to kids. I have not really worked with the actual Awana program, just the Pre-Cubbies, the kids too young for Awana.

This is my 6th year teaching Awana. I still love it, but I still feel like I do not know what I am doing, it's hectic, crazy, kids everywhere. Some nights all we do is feed them, take them to the bathroom, change a diaper or two, and try to keep them from hurting each other.

Every Wednesday night I just pray they received a little bit of the love of Jesus amid the chaos! By the end of the year they amazed me with what they knew. They start the year learning to talk, by the spring, they can tell you that Jesus died for them!

This year we had 13 children! Andrea, Amanda and Paula have all helped this year, along with several other mothers of the children. Thank goodness for the help, it takes every hand available to help these little ones.

Awana Cubbies

This is Jackson's Cubbie awards.


This is the PreCubbies singing at the Awana closing on Sunday night.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Tucker

Tucker will turn 3 on April 29! He is such a sweet heart! I love hearing his voice, so soft and sweet. He has such a huge vocabulary, he can carry on quite a conversation!
I have been keeping him all by himself during Jackson's TBall practice. It has been a special time for us because we get to visit with just him.
I love seeing all the grandkids play and interact, but one on one time is pretty fun too!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Violet

Violet turned 1 on Tuesday. What a great year it has been. This little girl is such a joy! I have loved watching her grow this past year.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Hummingbird, first sighting April 4

April 4, the first hummingbird of the year! I was sitting in the carport, rocking Evie, and I saw the first little hummer. This is always exciting for me. Spring is just the best time of the year.
I immediately tried to fill up a feeder. Well, we are in the middle of remodeling our house. So I couldn't find the box with sugar. Evie would not let me put her down. So I realized the hummingbird could wait, they certainly exist without my help. They fly to Mexico during the winter, so they could wait a few hours.
Evie and I went about our business, me walking her around the house and showing her all the different plants. Me feeding her lunch, then her playing happily on the floor for a whole hour.
When she took her nap, I rushed around, found the sugar, make some nectar, got a couple of feeders out and was still able to rest before she woke up.
Jackson and Tucker came over later, while Brad and Paula went out. They helped me fill my birdseed feeders, and of course Poppa took them for a ride on the four wheeler.
Sunday morning, I saw Violet when they were taking her to the nursery. She cried for me when Andrea and Steve took her upstairs.
I just love for my grandchildren to like me! I have the best time with them.
I have spent my Sunday afternoon in research for the MOPS Wiser Older Woman panel. I need to read me Bible everyday of course, but this is helping me in my study.
I get distracted by my little hummingbirds, and the goldfinch! The goldfinch have turned a beautiful bright yellow now. They will be leaving me soon, usually around Mothers Day. But God provides by replacing them with the lovely little ruby throated hummingbirds!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wiser Older Woman

The MOPS, (Mothers of Preschoolers), group at our church, has invited several older women to host a panel for the younger moms to ask questions about parenting, marriage and the spiritual life of their family.
Paula has been attending MOPS for several year, Andrea and Amanda started this year since they are home with preschoolers. And I have helped with the preschoolers for a couple of years also. The Moms have a meeting, the preschoolers have a Bible class and playtime.
I feel honored to be asked to be on this panel. Not that I am wise, but I have experienced many of the same situations that concern these Moms.
The Moms submitted a list of questions and concerns for the panel. I am so excited to be able to share some things that helped me when I was home with preschoolers.
This has inspired me to examine my own spiritual life, and do some intense Bible study.
Also to remember the woman I consider to be my mentor in my walk with Christ. Patsy Jackson was my children's first Sunday School teacher. Patsy taught the 2 year olds at Woodhaven. I still remember her teaching Brad "God Made The Birds That Fly In The Sky". I now have the honor of teaching my children's children and more children that song.
One of the first scriptures that I went to in my Bible study was Proverbs 31, the virtuous woman. She works from the rising sun to the setting sun, grows her own food, makes her own clothes, is kind to others, her family praises her. How can we even begin to be a virtuous woman?
Thankfully, Jesus loves us even when we are not that virtuous woman. The love that Jesus gave, unconditional love, eternal love, we need only to accept it to receive the peace that passeth understanding.
Somehow I want to share with those Moms what Jesus has given me. The gift of salvation, the love of Jesus has helped me grow and find happiness. I have been poor, I have been sad, I have yelled at my children, and husband, I have been despondent, embrassed, ashamed, I have sinned. But I know that Christ has forgiven my past, present and future sins.
Please pray for me as I prepare with prayer and Bible study for this panel, that I will be able to share and help these young Moms as they strive to be Godly women.
Also, please share with me your favorite scriptures that help you and guide you.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

March 5, 1977

(Istanbul Turkey 2008)

Happy Anniversary Kay and Jim!
Ron and I along with Kay and Jim, will celebrate our 32nd anniversary Thursday, March 5.
What a great adventure this has been! The years have gone by so fast.
Three children, three homes, three weddings, 5 1/2 grandchildren! So many blessings! So many experiences, happy and sad, that we have shared.
I don't feel like a 53 year old woman that has been married over 30 years, my mind tells me that I am still young. But then I remember how much more I know now. I have experience and knowledge that only comes with living for 53 years and being married to the same man for 32 years. I have so much knowledge to share. I know it all, just ask me! Just joking! People just tell me I am a know it all. The older I get the more I realize what all I don't know.
But I will be happy to share a little of what I have learned about being married for so long.
Have God in your marriage. God will direct your path in marriage as in other parts of your life.
Marry your best friend. You will be spending a lot of time together, you should really like each other.
Be quick to forgive, back to having God in your marriage, he tells us to forgive. You have to even if you don't want to, and you may be the one needing to be forgiven next.
Laugh a lot, at yourself and with your loved one. I fell in love with Ron because he made me laugh! He still does.
Don't take yourself to seriously, think, 30 years from now, will this matter.
Treasure each day, we never know how long we have together.
One last bit of advice, marry a good person!
I wrote on my profile that Ron is a good man, I have called him a lot of things, not always nice, but he is a good man. I think that is a nice thing to say about him. Ron is one of the few people that I know that has read the Bible front front to back, every word.
Ron obviously loves his family. His favorite vacation is to take the kids and grandkids anywhere. It doesn't matter where, he just enjoys being with them all.
Ron has built a business that even he never could have imagined. He works hard, works smart and attributes any and all success to the grace of God.
Ron is patient, kind, compassionate, funny and I think he is still pretty cute.
And for some reason, he still loves me, even though he knows all of my many faults.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Arkansas Flower and Garden Show

Once a year Little Rock hosts the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show. I can't interest anyone in attending with me, but I go anyway and have a great time. I visit with the vendors and other gardeners, buy some unsual plants and generally get excited about spring!

I bought another Japanese Maple, some ferns, Hellebore(Lenten Rose), Hostas, gardening gloves, succulents, a bird feeder and a bird house. I placed some bids on the silent auction for several interesting items. Then left and went shopping for bird seed, potting soil and the necessities of life. While at WalMart I started receiving phone calls about the aution items I had WON! WOW, I WON something!

Well, I won them, but I had to pay for them. I "WON" a weeping Japanese Maple, a bromeliad, and a cute pot full of goodies.

I felt like a kid at Christmas, so much to see and learn and smell; lilies, worms, little goats, fairy gardens, landscapes, iron statues, mulch, yard trash, and more.

It was a really great day, a great way to spend a cold rainy Saturday. When I left, snow had started falling. I came home, Ron had built a fire in the fireplace. I am ready for Spring, but really enjoying the end of Winter!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Place Happy Children

All the kids were so happy while on the trip! They were up late, out and about all day, and they were still happy. They all such good travelers!
The smiles make us so happy!

Look, Dodi Look!

Tucker was so excited about the parade! He kept telling me to look, but I kept watching him watch the parade.

Disney Fun

Don't be confused, that is Violet riding with Amanda, Evie was taking a nap, and that is just Veronika dressed as Aurora, and that big green chair that Jackson is sitting in is in Toontown, not our hotel.


Ron can't pass up a radiator shop, we even found one in Toontown.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey with Aurora, Minnie, Buzz Lightyear and friends.


Pixie Hollow

Disney Memories

Friday, February 20, 2009

Home from Disney

We came home Monday evening and went straight to work. At least Ron and I did, I worked for a while then started nodding off at my desk. The rest of the week has been just as busy trying to catch up.
But it is all worth it. I couldn't load my pictures, but I wanted to share some of my favorite memories. The first morning, we had breakfast with Chip and Dale. Evie loved them, she grabbed his nose and tried to bite it. Violet became a shy girl and wouldn't get close to the characters. Veronika got to meet Tinker Bell and her fairy friends in Pixie Hollow. Jackson and Tucker wanted to see "It's a Small World" again. Ron and I were pushing them in the stroller, they were singing the song over and over.
Sunday we watched the Pixar Parade. Tucker was on Brad's shoulders, he kept saying "Look Dodi Look!" but I wanted to look at him to see his face so excited. Late Sunday night we watched the fireworks, after a long day, Evie was sound asleep in her stroller, Violet was still going strong.
We all loved seeing "Aladdin" live and PlayHouse Disney.
All those things were great, but what made it special was being with my family.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Disney Update

Wow, we have had a busy couple of days.
The kids arrived Friday morning. We picked them up at the airport, ate breakfast and went straight to Disneyland. The rain started soon after. It rained most of the day, but we still stayed at the park and rode rides.
One of my favorites was "It's a Small World", the ride has been updated and is really cute. Veronika has gotten to visit with all of the princesses. Jackson and Tucker have seen Woody.
It has been so much fun to watch the grandkids have fun. Even the Violet and Evie have watched shows and enjoyed the characters, those babies can just keep on going and still be happy.
This has been such fun even though we are all exhauted.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vacation Delay

The kids were to arrive in Los Angeles tonight. The plane leaving Little Rock was delayed so they would miss the connecting flight in Dallas. So there was a lot of panic, lots of calls, lots of details to reschedule the trip.
Everything worked out and the will fly in Friday morning and still have time for a full day at Disneyland.
All in all this was just a minor situation in the big picture.
I feel so blessed to be able to have this time with our kids and grandkids. Ron has built this business that has allowed us to travel to so many locations on business. And we are able to have some really great experiences along the way.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chip or Dale?

Disney Dairy Day 2

Today we visited the trade show. It was not our usual group of vendors. This was an automation expo along with packaging and several other industries. Like medical technology! I don't know the connection with all these vendors, but it was interesting.
The most interesting booth was a university in China that is testing a self scanning breast monitor/examiner, or looking for industry to test it. I tried to buy it, but they said it was a prototype and in development.
I am very excited that in the future our daughters may be able to self check their breast regularly, with something like a home mammogram. Maybe preventing/detecting breast cancers early.
We met one of our vendors, Sophia, from China, that we buy fittings from. She gave us green tea from her home. I am very excited about that gift.
Ron didn't make me stay all day, we came back to the hotel, he slept, I went for a swim in the heated pool, and soaked in the hot tub. What a nice day! To start the day we enjoyed the breakfast buffet with Chip and Dale, I got a hug from one of them and a kiss to I think?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Disney Diary

After a long flight to Los Angeles, a long drive to Disneyland Grand Californian, we are at Disneyland. The traffic is just like what everyone said it would be, 28 miles took a full hour to drive. But after that drive, you turn into Disneyland and enter a different world.
What a happy place, everyone is so nice! It is a fantasy land! I think that is why we have always liked visiting DisneyWorld.
Everyone is so happy. You can escape from work for a few days and feel like a princess, even if your Prince Charming is your 58 year old husband.
I don't even mind going to the trade show for two days. Ron can walk those exhibits! He will walk for hours examining all the different products. I don't understand why he will walk for miles when he is shopping for work related products. He will not shop for clothes, furniture, anything.
I, on the other hand, can walk those malls and the garden centers!
Speaking of garden centers, this place is so beautiful, the plants are blooming, lantana, hibiscus, it was too dark to see all of it, but such beautiful gardens. And that includes Los Angeles. We haven't even see the blooming gardens of Disneyland yet!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

"Read to Me"

Brad's first sentence was "Read to Me"! He would bring us a pile of books, more than he could carry and expect us to read them all, everynight. And we usually did. Same for Andrea and Amanda.

By the time Brad and Andrea were a little older, I was reading novels to them. (Amanda ran wild around the house then). I loved reading to my kids, and I attribute their intelligence to the reading we did. And I say that because Ron and I did not consider ourselves to be the "best students" while in school. I will say that Ron is actually very intelligent, he just wasn't the best student, but has amazing intelligence.

I love to read. I read before bed, while eating, while watching TV.
Now I have the blessing to get to read to my grandkids.

I take great pleasure in reading the newspaper everyday. I save the "Style" section for last, and save the comics for the last of that section.
Today's "ZITS" was about the mother finding her teenage sons childhood books in a box. She pulls the books out one by one, starts telling him about the books, and gets to "Harold and the Purple Crayon". Mother and son tell the story together, by the last frame, the teenage boy is sitting in his Mom's lap saying "Start from the beginning".

That just brings back so many memories. Parenting has been such a great adventure. I love trips down memory lane. And I love sharing moments with my grandkids that bring back those memories.

I attached the link here, but it may only show the current days comic. Anyway, read to the children in your life, you will both be blessed.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


One of my New Year Resolutions was to be more organized at work. So to keep myself off the internet I work, I bought an "aircard" today. Now I can "surf the net" at night while watching TV. I had a hard time waiting while using dial up. I was thinking about that this weekend. I do not like to watch TV unless it is recorded on DVR, so I can fast forward through commercials. Funny thing is, some commercials are interesting.
I have actually been working more focused, trying to get my work finished on time. Ever since Amanda had Evie, and quit work, I have been behind on my paperwork, like getting the bills paid on time. Vendors really appreciate getting paid!
I have been drinking water too. I really think that so many health issues are related to drinking enough water, getting even a little exercise, and resting. But I have always handled the resting pretty good.
I have been reading some blogs that the writers share their thoughts, so there you go, I shared my thoughts.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Year Resolutions

My New Year Resolutions:
spend more time in Bible study
get organized at work
drink 3 bottles of water every day
ride my recumbent bike
plant more camelias(they bloom in the dreary winter)
have more organized play time with the grandchildren; zoo, museums, parks