Monday, May 04, 2009

Awana is over for the year!

Veronika is in Sparks. She received the First Book Award. I know that Veronika worked really hard to learn her Bible verses to complete the book.

Jackson received his first year award. These kids learn the Bible at Awana! They have Bible time, devotion time, play time and snacks.

Awana stands for "Approved Workman Are Not Ashamed". This program teaches Bible scripture to kids. I have not really worked with the actual Awana program, just the Pre-Cubbies, the kids too young for Awana.

This is my 6th year teaching Awana. I still love it, but I still feel like I do not know what I am doing, it's hectic, crazy, kids everywhere. Some nights all we do is feed them, take them to the bathroom, change a diaper or two, and try to keep them from hurting each other.

Every Wednesday night I just pray they received a little bit of the love of Jesus amid the chaos! By the end of the year they amazed me with what they knew. They start the year learning to talk, by the spring, they can tell you that Jesus died for them!

This year we had 13 children! Andrea, Amanda and Paula have all helped this year, along with several other mothers of the children. Thank goodness for the help, it takes every hand available to help these little ones.

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Calley said...

So cool that both your daughters and daughter n law help out with you teaching the kids scriptures. How awesome!