Saturday, May 30, 2009


It has been over a year since my Mom died. April 13, 2008. I haven't been to the cemetary to visit her grave. Friday night I was coming home from some errands in Benton and Bryant, and decided to drive down Highway 5. It's such a peaceful drive and I can check out landscaping along the way. I guess because night comes late, the gates to Pinecrest were still open. I decided it was time to visit my mother's grave.
It may seem strange to visit a cemetary, but we were raised to visit the cemetary several times a year. Our brother had died at a young age. I guess our parents wanted us to remember him and honor his memory. He died before the three youngest of us were born. My parents had Robert and Anita, my Mom was pregnant with Ann, when they had the wreck.
It was always a big event to visit the cemetary, we took flowers to decorate the graves of my grandparents, my brother, several uncles, and cousins. Then my Dad died and we continued to take our Mother to visit. It was a part of our life.
Now my parents are not here to tell me to visit the cemetary. I went, but didn't have any flowers. I paid my respects to my family. I have had a little guilt about not going this past year.
I decided that I do not have to visit the cemetary to remember and honor my family that have gone on before me. I remember them all the time.
When I work in my garden I think about how much my father loved working in his garden. My sisters and I dug up plants out of his garden before we sold the house we grew up in. I have iris, buttercups, and 4 o'clocks that came from his garden. Some of the 4'oclocks came to me by way of Ann's house. I brought his round stepping stones from the front yard and placed them in my garden. I step on them whenever I do yard work.
My Dad built a chest when he was in the navy. I have had it in storage for years. Ron got it out for me and fixed the broke legs. I am in the process of sanding and restoring it.
My Mom, in her younger days, laid a slate rock patio. Last week I was making a rock walkway, and I thought of that patio. I guess I always loved growing things. My Mom helped me plant radishes when I was young, my garden was maybe a 2 foot square, I have vivid memories of watching them grow.
I am in the process now of helping my children and grandchildren make those memories. Monday, I had Jackson and Tucker help me plant some cosmos seeds. And they got to pick fresh blueberries from my bushes. Veronika had a dance recital tonight, I was able to pick her an orange lily from my garden.
I want the memories of my family to be full of happy times, that they will know how much I love them. And they will remember the times we spent together. I want to be at every ball game, every recital, every party and I feel so blessed to be invited and able to particiapate in these events.
Paula told me a funny story. I had taken Veronika, Jackson and Tucker to a play at the Childrens Theater. We sat in the garden waiting for the show. I picked a snapdragon and showed it to the kids. Paula said when she cut a muffin sideways, the boys said , "Oh, that looks like a snapdragon, like Dodi showed us."


Calley said...

What a sweet post. I know your granchildren are so blessed to have you there with them for all of those special times. :)

Calley said...

What a sweet post. I know your granchildren are so blessed to have you there with them for all of those special times. :)


Angie called me and told me that I had to read your blog. As you know I have not been reading blogs for over a year. Well, you made me cry. I also have stones from the front yard and think of Daddy and Mother My four O'clocks are about 5 ft tall, very beautiful. Alexia & Caleb love being outside with me working in the yard also. Austin is not into this yard stuff!! Maybe I'll update my blog soon. This year I was able to go to Austin, Alexia & Caleb’s award ceremonies. HAPPY TIMES!!!! Very Blessed!!!!

Kay said...

Donna, That was such a heartfelt post. It's good to remember the good things from our past, and to create good memories to pass to our kids. Thanks for sharing those thoughts.

Kaylee said...

What a great post Donna! I went to the cemetary a few weeks ago. I usually try to go and visit Bill and Stella there, this last time I had gotten to visit with them and with a friend from high school that recently passed. What I found amazing was that all those people laid to rest there, and I was the only living person in that entire place. I like going for some reason. I feel closer to God @ those times than any other times.