Thursday, June 13, 2013

Weight Loss Update June 2013

June 2013

September 2012

This is 305 days of My Fitness Pal, exercise, knee surgery, South Beach,
protein shakes, both GNC and Arbonne. If it might help me lose weight, I might have tried it in the last 305 days. I started tracking my food and exercise on August 13, 2012. The day after my birthday.
My original goal was to lose 100 lbs in a year. I was on track with losing 2 lbs a week. Then I hit a
plateau. I have averaged 1 lb a week so far. June 13, 2013, I have lost 52 lbs. I am very happy with that.
I have gone down 1 size in my clothing. But, I probably should have gone up a size before starting, so you might say I have lost 2 sizes. I still have a way to go, but so far I am pretty happy with my loss.
I eat healthy. I track my food, even if I eat too much.
I try to exercise 5 times a week. I cannot really say that I feel great. I always thought if I took some weight off, I would feel so much better, more energy, etc. So far, that has not happened. The surgery may have delayed that from happening. Or it may just be my age. I plan on keeping up the tracking on MFP and my exercise, past 365 days. My next update will be when my morning glory are blooming again!

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Dowler Garden Tour 2013

Sadly, I could not attend the Spring Garden Tour! As I mopped about the house I decided to take some pictures of my garden to help me remember what is growing and when it is growing. I wish I could share the smells. Jasmine and gardenia are two of my favorite garden plants for fagrance.


The gardenia has been one of my favorite plants, even before I really became infatuated with gardening.
I remember hydrangea from my childhood. They lined what must have been the north of our house, it was shady and cool and full of beautiful blue hydrangea blooms. The color is not full blue yet, but I love them. I have them on the front of my house, the north. They are not the best for the front landscape because they are not attractive year round. I started a new garden in front of them to hide the brown stems that show after the frost.
I love clematis, I think this is jumanji clematis. I love this one. It is growing outside the screened porch, so I enjoy the blooms every morning. At least the mornings I am able to sit outside and enjoy my coffee and morning. I put on my makeup and fix my hair out on the porch.

I love this one also. It is growing on a trellis by the front porch. Love it!

I love my hosta also. I have some with big leaves, some with tiny. Of course, I cannot say the names to them. I do save the tags, but they are in a file somewhere. Some day, I will make special tags for the varieties. I saw that last year on the garden tour. You could snap a photo of the plant, then a photo of the tag. Then go search for your favorites at the garden store.
Dragon Wing Begonia



I love color in the garden. I love food in the garden. I do not love growing a vegetable garden. I have found it to be too much work for too little produce. I can mulch my flowers and use Round Up when the weeds take over. It does not seem healthy to use Round Up on the vegetables. It's not like the commercial growers don't use chemicals. I love a fresh tomato, but have not managed to grow a delicious tomato in years.
But I can grow some blueberries and blackberries. I love that Tucker already asked me when the berries would be ready. And he asked that back in March! I think the ripen in late June. I seem to remember that the July 4th weekend is the prime time to pick them. I love having the grand kids over to swim. They can get out of the pool, go pick some berries or a fig and jump back into the pool.
Of course they also have to have a Popsicle break too. So Dodi and Poppa try to have a freezer stocked with banana and strawberry Popsicle's.

Weight Loss Update!

June 1, 2013! I have lost 51.7 lbs! My blog announces 52 lbs! I am so excited, well kind of! I actually have a horrible stomach virus and have not eaten much this week. What I have eaten, is digesting pretty fast, if you know what I mean. I am dehydrated and weak. I have quarantined myself for the weekend.
This weekend, of all the 52 weekends of the year, is one of my favorites. It is the weekend of the Greater Little Rock Council of Garden Clubs Garden Tour. Once a year, garden club members, open their private gardens to public tours. I have enjoyed this tour the past two years.
The first year, I took Veronika. It was a very busy day, garden tour, birthday party, lunch, movie and I went back and saw another couple of gardens. Such beautiful gardens! I have copied so many of the things I saw.
Last year, Kay went with me on Saturday. We enjoyed visiting the gardens, having lunch and mostly enjoying our time together. I coerced Ron into going with me on Sunday. It was hot, but we saw the most fantastic home and garden! It was worth it!
This year, Kay was going with me again, but I have had the stomach bug all week. It was a mild bug early in the week. Then, last night, I was up every hour!
And, it has rained all day. I think I could have enjoyed the gardens in the rain. I know I would have. But no one would have enjoyed sharing this misery. So I am at home, not feeling like dressing so that I can post a 50 lb weight loss picture! That will follow. I did feel like taking pictures of my own garden during a break in the rain. That will be another post.
My challenge will be to keep this unexpected bonus weight loss off after this stomach bug goes away.