Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ron's Pond and Hunting Woods

Deer tracks and a butterfly

The view of the pond across from the entrance.

The pond will be pretty deep if it fills up to the dam.

Ron drove around the outer boundary of the hunting woods.This was a testament to his Toyota Tacoma. We went places a pickup truck should not go, and a place that an old lady should not have to go, it was a rough ride! We were bouncing along and all of a sudden I saw a white bushy plant covered in butterflies.
The land that was clear cut by the timber company was covered in this white weed, I believe it is a type of milkweed.  People travel all over to see Monarch Butterflies! The Monarch migrates to Mexico for the winter. The monarch butterflies that travel to migrate, will not be the same to return, their children's grandchildren will return in the Spring migration. I was very excited to witness this migration! And I now have a reason to visit the deer camp!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Colorado Springs and Denver Colorado

I love the trees in mountain areas, they are not like our evergreens!

We visited the Manitou Indian cliff dwellings.

The view is from the Pike's Peak Cog Railroad. The railroad takes you to Pike's Peak.

We think the view from the Pikes Peak Summit was beautiful. It was too cold and too cloudy to see anything. We ran outside took the picture and had to get back on the railroad.
I had altitude sickness, Ron couldn't breathe, we were both a little distressed.

The NARSA meetings in Denver were beneficial. And we were able to eat at Pappaduex Cajun Seafood
Restaurant twice. We had Alaskan Halibut both nights.
I would prefer a real vacation, but I am grateful to have a little bit of sightseeing when we go to business meetings.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Labor Day at Gaston's

We took the kids and grandkids to Gaston's for the Labor Day weekend. Paula took this picture of Poppa and the boys. This is one I will have printed for Ron. I just shows how relaxing and peaceful the weekend was. We ate, we fished, we hiked and played games. On Saturday, we went a little stir crazy because of too much relaxing, but it was a great weekend. Steve caught his limit of trout. The kids all caught or at least brought in a trout. We ate them, they are not delicious, but still fun to catch.

Tucker's trout

Steve's trout, Violet was so brave, she stayed by the river bank all day with her Daddy, and helped him fish.

                                           Violet helped me fish too!

                            Phoenix had so much fun walking down to the river bank all by himself!

This picture doesn't do justice to the huge hill that Jackson came racing down on his bike!
He has a need for SPEED!

                                          Fiona enjoying the hill, she went up the hill, down the hill!

                                                           Andrea and Violet hiking!

 Brad takes his cooking very serious! The steaks were delicious! The trout was good, but not as good at catfish, so maybe next time, we will catch and release.

                                                         Wyatt enjoyed his trip!

                      This is how we camp out! Lots of outdoor time, without the tent or cot to sleep on!