Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ron's Pond and Hunting Woods

Deer tracks and a butterfly

The view of the pond across from the entrance.

The pond will be pretty deep if it fills up to the dam.

Ron drove around the outer boundary of the hunting woods.This was a testament to his Toyota Tacoma. We went places a pickup truck should not go, and a place that an old lady should not have to go, it was a rough ride! We were bouncing along and all of a sudden I saw a white bushy plant covered in butterflies.
The land that was clear cut by the timber company was covered in this white weed, I believe it is a type of milkweed.  People travel all over to see Monarch Butterflies! The Monarch migrates to Mexico for the winter. The monarch butterflies that travel to migrate, will not be the same to return, their children's grandchildren will return in the Spring migration. I was very excited to witness this migration! And I now have a reason to visit the deer camp!


Kay said...


Kay said...

Have you been back after the recent rain to see if the pond is filling? It will be so cool to have your own watering hole for the animals!