Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Jackson

Jackson turned 6 on December 28, 2010. Jackson is our first born grandchild! Veronika is older, but we didn’t have the blessing of knowing her since birth. When Jackson was born, he was the first baby in the family for so long. Ron and I were ready to be grandparents!

I will never forget the day Jackson was born. We had all had a hard Christmas. Amanda had gone to Romania, not getting home in time. We had a ice storm. I was sick. But more than that, his Mommy had been working long hours as a nurse. Jackson arrived almost 4 weeks early!

It didn’t matter if everyone was ready or not, Jackson was ready to start his life! Jackson still has that attitude. Life is exciting and he is ready to get going! He is such an energetic, positive young man! Always ready for new adventures.

This past weekend Poppa took Jackson and Tucker riding on the 4 wheeler. Jackson wanted to go faster and faster! Tucker and Poppa were too cold to keep going.

When Jackson was so little, we were babysitting, I was reading to the boys. Jackson was young enough that he was still learning to talk. Jackson told me, “I love you Dodi”! That was one of the sweetest things I have ever heard! To have a grandchild tell you they love you!

Jackson started kindergarten this year. He seems to be a very smart young boy! And he is very friendly. Jackson was chosen as the “Ambassador” for his class, the child who helps new kids adjust to school.

Jackson became a big brother at a young age, 16 months. He is such a good big brother. He loves Tucker so much. He is sweet to his cousins, actually just sweet to everyone. Now Jackson gets to be a big brother again, where he will actually be a bigger brother. He will have a new baby brother or sister this summer! He is alreay concerned about taking care of another baby! Jackson and Tucker both are going to enjoy having a baby sibling!

You can tell that Jackson is going to be successful at whatever he does. He cares so much about his abilities, whether school work or sports! He wants to do it right! Unless it involves craft work, he doesn't really care about that. I find this really funny, because his Dad didn't really care about fine motor skills either, no coloring or cutting! I am convinced that it is perfectly fine not to color within the lines!

I have taken Jackson, Tucker and Veronika to the Childrens Theater this year! I love having special activities to do with the kids. Jackson has such a great imagination. He comes up with some great stories. His Mom and Dad read novels at night, so Jackson has a very sophisticated literary background!

I love that Jackson is brought to Awana and chapel at East Union. Jackson is learning more Bible scripture than most of us adults know! He has such a sweet heart! He cares about others and he loves Jesus!

We have been blessed to enjoy these years with Jackson.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011 Spring Schedule

Last fall I posted about our schedule. We have had a great year, lots of fun, traveling and activities. We didn't make it to a couple of our destinations. I am still waiting for the trip to Mount Magazine. AND, I have added a destination, or two, Spring Pilgrimage at Natchez and Swamp Tours at Beaux Bridges!

We are not getting any younger! Ron would be happy to stay at home every night, every weekend! I feel the need to experience!

I want to visit with my sisters more! I see my grandchildren a lot! But I still want to see them more. I have not gotten to spend one on one time with any of them since last spring. That needs to be one of my goals, but I don't know when to work that in, but I will.

I am very excited about our spring schedule! I hope to add more to it!

Schedule Update 2011

January 29 Sat The Jungle Book

February 4-9 Friday-Wednesday Defense Meeting Big Sur and Monterey CA

February 25-27 Friday-Sunday Arkansas Flower & Garden Show

March 5 Saturday 34th Wedding Anniversary

March 12 Saturday Natchez Spring Pilgrimage???

March 19 Saturday Audubon Spring Pilgrimage???

March 22 Tuesday Phoenix Surgery

March 22-26 Tues-Sun ConAgg Las Vegas

March 11-27 Fri/Sat/Sun If You Give A Pig A Pancake JT&V

March 29- 31 Tues-Thurs The Aluminum Show

April 14 Thrus Fort Belvoir VA??

April 24 Sunday Easter

April Saturday Birthday ??? Violet and/or Tucker

April 29-May 15 Fri/Sat/Sun There’s A Boy In The Girls Bathroom

May 21 Saturday   Wedding Clint & Harmony. Sarah & Babysitting Duty

May24- 26 Tues-Thursday Beauty and The Beast

June 4 Saturday Dance Recital Veronika

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sledding 2011!

We experienced a treat this week, enough snow to go sledding! Ron braved the snowy streets to go to the hardware store to buy some sleds. The neighbors all joined in the fun! They went from house to house looking for the best hill to sled. I believe we will all remember this snow of January 2011!

More Snow 2011

Thomas House
Snow, we didn't measure until the next day, I think there was more the night before!


Wish the pool was heated!


Sunday, January 09, 2011

Snow Day 2011

I counted 6 cardinals in the tree at one time, in addition to all the other birds. They seemed to glow with the snow in the background!

The start of the snow, about 2 pm.

Back across the street, about 4 pm.

This isn't the most clear picture, but it shows how many birds were feeding. I will have to brave the cold in the morning for a refill!

These were all taken from inside the house, with my zoom lens. I read in my "Birds and Bloom" magazine, that you could place your lens against the glass and get some pretty good photos without having to brave the outdoors.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge

Sweets for the sweet!

Veronika, Jackson & Tucker

In front of the HUGE Fireplace

Jackson, Paula, Tucker and Brad

Poppa, Veronika and Dodi



Veronika, Mac and Cheese perhaps?
"Scoops" mani/pedi

Tucker, Genevieve, Jackson and Audrey, with their magic wands!

Christmas 2010 Fun!

Andrea made this for Fiona!

Ron has really enjoyed this Outhouse Santa!

Poppa's Lil Bucks! More baby names every year!

Phoenix and his new pick up truck!

These make for some quiet dinner time!

Violet enjoys her Christmas morning!

We actually made sugar cookies!

Yummy cookie!

Veronika and her "Responsibility Chart"! Yes, she wanted this!