Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011 Spring Schedule

Last fall I posted about our schedule. We have had a great year, lots of fun, traveling and activities. We didn't make it to a couple of our destinations. I am still waiting for the trip to Mount Magazine. AND, I have added a destination, or two, Spring Pilgrimage at Natchez and Swamp Tours at Beaux Bridges!

We are not getting any younger! Ron would be happy to stay at home every night, every weekend! I feel the need to experience!

I want to visit with my sisters more! I see my grandchildren a lot! But I still want to see them more. I have not gotten to spend one on one time with any of them since last spring. That needs to be one of my goals, but I don't know when to work that in, but I will.

I am very excited about our spring schedule! I hope to add more to it!

Schedule Update 2011

January 29 Sat The Jungle Book

February 4-9 Friday-Wednesday Defense Meeting Big Sur and Monterey CA

February 25-27 Friday-Sunday Arkansas Flower & Garden Show

March 5 Saturday 34th Wedding Anniversary

March 12 Saturday Natchez Spring Pilgrimage???

March 19 Saturday Audubon Spring Pilgrimage???

March 22 Tuesday Phoenix Surgery

March 22-26 Tues-Sun ConAgg Las Vegas

March 11-27 Fri/Sat/Sun If You Give A Pig A Pancake JT&V

March 29- 31 Tues-Thurs The Aluminum Show

April 14 Thrus Fort Belvoir VA??

April 24 Sunday Easter

April Saturday Birthday ??? Violet and/or Tucker

April 29-May 15 Fri/Sat/Sun There’s A Boy In The Girls Bathroom

May 21 Saturday   Wedding Clint & Harmony. Sarah & Babysitting Duty

May24- 26 Tues-Thursday Beauty and The Beast

June 4 Saturday Dance Recital Veronika


Andrea said...

I like your new backgroung. I am READY for Spring; gardening, warm weather and playing outside!

Anonymous said...

Yay! We made your calendar! Sounds like a busy and fun Spring :)