Sunday, April 17, 2011

Violet's Birthday #3

Happy Birthday Sweet Violet! Violet's 3rd birthday was celebrated at The Wonder Place. I love this place, imaginative fun for the kids, it feels safe for the kids. A quite space for the parents.
Violet had friends and family to celebrate with her. Her present from us didn't come in before the party, so I will have to post Violet's special transportation her later.

Easter 2011



Jackson's Eggs


The Hunt

Violet would stop to pose, the rest would not pose for me!

Violet & Phoenix

                                                     Evie loves her candy!

                                                         Jackson & Tucker
The Eggs

Tucker before the hunt, he was ready to get started!

Evie, Violet, Tucker, Phoenix, Violet, Jackson, Caleb
We had our Easter early because Brad and Paula will be traveling to Tusla on Easter Day. In the past few years, we have had plastic eggs, filled with candy. A friend of mine wrote about dying Easter Eggs, and they did this even when all the children were grown. I decided to have the kids dye eggs this year. I bought and boiled 10 dozen eggs. The had so much fun dying the eggs. The kids stipped down to their undies and tshirts to save their nice clothes from the dye. Good thing, it was messy. Ron actually got in on the fun, read the directions on the dye, and helped the kids dye some vibrant egg colors.
The kids dyed the eggs, then we hid the plastic eggs, that were filled with candy. Ron helped me hide the eggs, Never in all the years are kids were little, did he dye eggs, or hide eggs! I am so glad he is enjoying the grandkids so much.
I was so glad that Brady and Dawn were able to join us and bring Caleb to enjoy the fun!
Easter may be my favorite holiday. All the traditions are centered on the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. The MOPS group used Resurrection Eggs to tell the story. The first egg had a tiny donkey to teach about Jesus entering Jeruselum on a donkey, each egg told part of the story, the coins, the goblet, until the last egg is empty, like the tomb! The children love the story and what a great visual aid to teach such a powerful story.
The Church has an Easter Egg hunt and activities this Saturday. The choir performed the Easter Cantata this morning, and we still have Easter Morning to go.