Sunday, April 05, 2009

Hummingbird, first sighting April 4

April 4, the first hummingbird of the year! I was sitting in the carport, rocking Evie, and I saw the first little hummer. This is always exciting for me. Spring is just the best time of the year.
I immediately tried to fill up a feeder. Well, we are in the middle of remodeling our house. So I couldn't find the box with sugar. Evie would not let me put her down. So I realized the hummingbird could wait, they certainly exist without my help. They fly to Mexico during the winter, so they could wait a few hours.
Evie and I went about our business, me walking her around the house and showing her all the different plants. Me feeding her lunch, then her playing happily on the floor for a whole hour.
When she took her nap, I rushed around, found the sugar, make some nectar, got a couple of feeders out and was still able to rest before she woke up.
Jackson and Tucker came over later, while Brad and Paula went out. They helped me fill my birdseed feeders, and of course Poppa took them for a ride on the four wheeler.
Sunday morning, I saw Violet when they were taking her to the nursery. She cried for me when Andrea and Steve took her upstairs.
I just love for my grandchildren to like me! I have the best time with them.
I have spent my Sunday afternoon in research for the MOPS Wiser Older Woman panel. I need to read me Bible everyday of course, but this is helping me in my study.
I get distracted by my little hummingbirds, and the goldfinch! The goldfinch have turned a beautiful bright yellow now. They will be leaving me soon, usually around Mothers Day. But God provides by replacing them with the lovely little ruby throated hummingbirds!


LKB said...

Good to see you back and posting. I've missed you. I too like the little wing-ed creatures. One year I had an oriole that kept trying to feed out of my hummingbird feeder. Of course, he was so heavy, the feeder would tip over and dump him off. I rushed off to Wal-mart and bought an oriole feeder and all the stuff and by the time I returned he had vacated the premises. I guess he just gave up and moved on.

Donna said...

I have had the pleasure of seeing 1 oriole, 1 painted bunting(WOW) and 1 blue bunting. It's very exciting to see the out of ordinary.

Calley said...

How cool! I love birds too! Sounds ya'll are having a wonderful spring!