Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Disney Dairy Day 2

Today we visited the trade show. It was not our usual group of vendors. This was an automation expo along with packaging and several other industries. Like medical technology! I don't know the connection with all these vendors, but it was interesting.
The most interesting booth was a university in China that is testing a self scanning breast monitor/examiner, or looking for industry to test it. I tried to buy it, but they said it was a prototype and in development.
I am very excited that in the future our daughters may be able to self check their breast regularly, with something like a home mammogram. Maybe preventing/detecting breast cancers early.
We met one of our vendors, Sophia, from China, that we buy fittings from. She gave us green tea from her home. I am very excited about that gift.
Ron didn't make me stay all day, we came back to the hotel, he slept, I went for a swim in the heated pool, and soaked in the hot tub. What a nice day! To start the day we enjoyed the breakfast buffet with Chip and Dale, I got a hug from one of them and a kiss to I think?

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