Sunday, February 01, 2009

"Read to Me"

Brad's first sentence was "Read to Me"! He would bring us a pile of books, more than he could carry and expect us to read them all, everynight. And we usually did. Same for Andrea and Amanda.

By the time Brad and Andrea were a little older, I was reading novels to them. (Amanda ran wild around the house then). I loved reading to my kids, and I attribute their intelligence to the reading we did. And I say that because Ron and I did not consider ourselves to be the "best students" while in school. I will say that Ron is actually very intelligent, he just wasn't the best student, but has amazing intelligence.

I love to read. I read before bed, while eating, while watching TV.
Now I have the blessing to get to read to my grandkids.

I take great pleasure in reading the newspaper everyday. I save the "Style" section for last, and save the comics for the last of that section.
Today's "ZITS" was about the mother finding her teenage sons childhood books in a box. She pulls the books out one by one, starts telling him about the books, and gets to "Harold and the Purple Crayon". Mother and son tell the story together, by the last frame, the teenage boy is sitting in his Mom's lap saying "Start from the beginning".

That just brings back so many memories. Parenting has been such a great adventure. I love trips down memory lane. And I love sharing moments with my grandkids that bring back those memories.

I attached the link here, but it may only show the current days comic. Anyway, read to the children in your life, you will both be blessed.


Amber said...

What a sweet post today, Aunt Donna! It is so true about reading..they are becoming so smart!

Donna said...

To check out the "Zits" referenced you can use the calendar on the site and go back to Feb 1

LKB said...

It is a great blessing to be able to bring the joy of literature to a child. As a kid my Christmas box from my grandmother always brought several books and I could read very well before I started school (1st grade - there was no K where I am from.) The most fantastic part of the blessing of a good book is discovering that suddenly, they are reading to you. And you know you have helped to bring something to their life they can enjoy forever. As long as there are books, children will never be bored.

Kay said...

I liked reading your thoughts. You gave some very good advice. I too, think our children were ahead in school because we read to them so much. I was lucky enough to have a bookmobile come to a park near our home, so 2-3 days a week we would check out new books, play at the park, and sometimes picnic there, too.

Every morning we watched one hour of Seseme Street, then read 5-10 childrens books, then had lunch, then read more books at naptime and bedtime. Of course, naptime and bedtime reading always put me to sleep first. Amber or Dustin, or both, would very quietly sneak out of bed!!! What wonderful memories.

Calley said...

I enjoyed this post. I am sure that is why all of your kids are SO smart! I love reading to the boys, and this summer I started reading novels to Josiah- I have to say though, it is much harder for me to stay faithful with the three of them. He stays on us about keeping it up and finishing a book, but I am SO tired at the end of the day! Anyway- thanks for letting us walk down memory lane with you!