Tuesday, January 27, 2009


One of my New Year Resolutions was to be more organized at work. So to keep myself off the internet I work, I bought an "aircard" today. Now I can "surf the net" at night while watching TV. I had a hard time waiting while using dial up. I was thinking about that this weekend. I do not like to watch TV unless it is recorded on DVR, so I can fast forward through commercials. Funny thing is, some commercials are interesting.
I have actually been working more focused, trying to get my work finished on time. Ever since Amanda had Evie, and quit work, I have been behind on my paperwork, like getting the bills paid on time. Vendors really appreciate getting paid!
I have been drinking water too. I really think that so many health issues are related to drinking enough water, getting even a little exercise, and resting. But I have always handled the resting pretty good.
I have been reading some blogs that the writers share their thoughts, so there you go, I shared my thoughts.


Angie said...

Thank you for your thoughts. I used to only like to read blogs with pictures, but I have found some that are really interesting. I think I might start doing the same. But, I still love seeing everyone's pictures.

Charity said...

what is an aircard? i like reading other people's thoughts... Also, I like writing mine. It makes me feel less alone sometimes, just writing my feelings for others to read--yes, i'm weird.

Donna said...

The aircard is like a cell phone,it has a number, to plug into the computer to go online, without using dail up. We can't get high speed internet at our house. I bought it at the AT&T store.