Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Disney Diary

After a long flight to Los Angeles, a long drive to Disneyland Grand Californian, we are at Disneyland. The traffic is just like what everyone said it would be, 28 miles took a full hour to drive. But after that drive, you turn into Disneyland and enter a different world.
What a happy place, everyone is so nice! It is a fantasy land! I think that is why we have always liked visiting DisneyWorld.
Everyone is so happy. You can escape from work for a few days and feel like a princess, even if your Prince Charming is your 58 year old husband.
I don't even mind going to the trade show for two days. Ron can walk those exhibits! He will walk for hours examining all the different products. I don't understand why he will walk for miles when he is shopping for work related products. He will not shop for clothes, furniture, anything.
I, on the other hand, can walk those malls and the garden centers!
Speaking of garden centers, this place is so beautiful, the plants are blooming, lantana, hibiscus, it was too dark to see all of it, but such beautiful gardens. And that includes Los Angeles. We haven't even see the blooming gardens of Disneyland yet!

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Calley said...

How fun! :>)