Thursday, August 07, 2008

My Garden

Every year I decide I will not plant a garden in the ground, container gardening is so easy, ground gardening is so hard, so many weeds, so much bending. I went ahead and asked Ron to till up a small garden for me, he tilled up the big spot again. So I planted and planted, I was angry that he had tilled up so much ground, but I worked late into the night sticking seeds in the ground.
Well, now I have beautiful sunflowers, lovely zinnias(with butterflies), the corn is making tassles, the zuchinni is blooming, the okra is so beautful and I have a cucumber bed.
God is so amazing, we can plant a little seed, and with a little sunshine and some rain, we are given flowers and food!


Amber said...

Aunt Donna,

That looks so beautiful! God is so good to remind us of Him when our garden grows! Sunflowers now remind me of Amanda's wedding...very beautiful!

Kay said...

I think it is wonderful that you are teaching your Grandkids class at church. I loved your movies...the boys were so cute. Also, I am in awe of your beautiful gardens, and the quality of the pics. The sunflower pic has more detail than I could ever see with my naked eye. Angie was right, you do need to blow up to poster size and frame them.

Paula said...

I love that the boys learn about and appreciate nature-from you and also just from living "out in the country." Many times the boys will see flowers or something pretty in nature, and they will say "How beautiful!!"