Monday, November 06, 2006

Girl's Night in Natchez

We had a Girl's Night in Natchez for Andrea, two weeks before the big day. Her Aunt Kay, Aunt Ann, sister's Amanda and Paula, cousins Amber, Angie and Staci, along with the children and babies, met in Natchez, Mississippi for a Girl's Night out.

We had beautiful rooms in Vadalia, Louisiana, overlooking the Mississippi River. Across the river is Natchez. Natchez has a lovely history, lovely antibellum homes to tour, beautiful gardens, live oaks, giant magnolias.We took a carriage ride with a narrated history lesson. There were two weddings going on in the city. Natchez is popular for their "Southern Belle" weddings. The weather was perfect.

We had lunch at a really nice place, Pearl Street Pasta, if anyone happens to travel to Natchez.

It was a wonderful getaway for us girls to spend time together.

Thank you all for taking time from your busy life to celebrate with Andrea!

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Kay said...

That was a perfect weekend retreat to spend time with Andrea before the wedding. Thanks Donna and family for making it happen.