Monday, November 27, 2006

How About Them Hogs!

I love when the Razorbacks play Little Rock games. I get to babysit the boys. Friday was beautiful, actually the whole weekend was great weather and great activities.
Thrusday, we had Amanda and Josh for breakfast and the Macy's Parade, Andrea and Steve for our first dinner, then Brad, Paula, Jackson, Tucker and Gloria and Rick for a late dinner.
So we ate all day on Thrusday.
Friday we kept Jackson and Tucker during the game. Andrea and Steve came over later with Veronika. Then had everyone for dinner again. I cooked more this weekend than I have since last year. I really enjoyed it, but I have too much leftovers.
Saturday, we worked in the yard, raking leaves, planting bulbs and pansies.
Sunday we celebrated Brad's 27th birthday by going to Shogun's. It was good food, but Jackson and Veronika decided the fire was terrifying. I thought they would just love the cooking show! Wrong! Veronika sobbed, Jackson crawled/climbed up our lap to get away.
I even worked in a little Christmas shopping Sunday afternoon, and took Mama a poinsetta plant, it was artificial, but looks real.
It was a great 4 days!


Angie said...

Sounds like you had a great Thankgiving! Lots of good food and family time! Sorry about the Hogs, but yeah for LSU.

AmandaThomas said...

Tucker eats leaves a lot i guess. When I was taking pictures of him Sunday he started eating them.