Monday, August 14, 2006

It was my computer!

I checked my blog, it works, and I can add pictures. That is why I have a new computer on order, dual hard drives, radiator cooled super dooper computer!

This flower is to show that:
"I really did grow flowers for the wedding". They peaked in July. But I still loved the flowers we had for the wedding. I am going to get more and work on drying some to make Amanda a memory box.
Now, we are starting on Andrea and Steve.
We have ordered Andrea's dress, Amanda's and Veronika's dresses. That set the tone, so now we can work on the rest of the day!
Needlesss to say, I will not be growing flowers in November. But you know, you can force bulbs! Maybe I will do a little research! Amarylis, narcissus, crocus??? HUMMM!


Dustin said...

Yay for blog!


Donna you have past me up darnt - You go girl What has Amber got us into? Now I have to check everyones blog all the time. Hope I can post some pictures soon. Oh yea I really have to work at work unlike my sister Just kidding, but really should be working right now