Thursday, April 05, 2007

Flower Project

This is the results of our flower project. All three kids have matching barrels and plants, I can't wait to see them grow. I get so excited about the colors and combinations of containers. And the fragrance of certain plants. Veronika was pretty good at planting her things, Jackson came and went, but pretty much planted his, little Tucker may have eaten some dirt. It doesn't matter what it is, he is right there with the big kids!


Angie said...

you look so happy with your grandbabies! And they look happy with you!

Amber said...

Looks like fun! What great memories! What types of plants did they put in the pots?

Donna said...

We had fun! We put in salvia, petunias, lavender, sweet potato vine, calla lily and gladilous bulbs.