Thursday, July 12, 2007

Vaction Bible School

We have had Vacation Bible School this week. I am teaching the two year olds. I have always liked that age, but especially like them with Jackson in the class now.
Andrea, Steve and Paula have helped all week. Steve taught the elementary school age kids last night. They have brought Kalyssa, and Paula brings Tucker.
We have had so much fun. Veronika is in her 5 year old class, and has enjoyed the week. Amanda and Josh have helped part of the week. I pulled in all the family to help. And thank the Lord they have all been there. The kids are a handfull! It takes all of us to keep them somewhat safe, happy and directed to the current activity.
The theme is "Real Heros Love God" with a sports theme. Two year olds are so eager to learn. They learn hand motions with the songs, repeat Bible verses, make learning projects.
We put their hand prints on the aprons! We made jelly sandwiches and cut heart and star shapes. Painted a clay pot and planted it with vincas, decorated a bag, glued lots of stuff, and made lots of messes.
The most important activity of the week is to let them learn that Jesus loves them! I feel so blessed to be able to be part of their spritual learning.

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Amber said...

Bible school is so fun, but exhausting. We had VBS a few weeks ago, and I had to take a nap everyday when I got home! We had ours during the day from 9-12! How exhausting, but several were saved and thats the most important thing.