Friday, January 01, 2010

Thanksgiving in Baton Rouge

Ann and family hosted my family for a Thanksgiving weekend in Baton Rouge. We enjoyed the best food and the best company. Fried turkey, pumpkin bread, corn casserole, shrimp boil, boudan, and more! After feasting for three days, most of the young adults went to the LA/AR football game. I know they had a great time. Ann and I, with the help of Ron, Daniel, Chad and Stacy took care of 7 children, my 6 grandchildren and 1 of Ann's.
We played games, visited, did some crafts, mostly just had a great time.
Thank you Ann and Daniel for hosting our Thanksgiving!

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Kay said...

I'm still surprised every time I hear you have 6 grandkids. You and Ronnie are such loving grandparents, and I know your kids really enjoyed going to the game together. Bravo!