Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fun at the Fair and other Weekend Fun

Veronika on the bungee

Violet waited patiently for a ride

Veronika and Violet on the banana ride, there are very few rides for little ones

Jackson on the bucking bronco bull ride

Tucker on the bucking bronco bull ride

This weekend we babysat Jackson and Tucker, while Brad and Paula went to the Razorback Game. Saturday morning was Jackson's and Tucker's soccer game. That was fun to watch. They are both doing really well at soccer. Tucker had to be encouraged to play at first, but then he was in the game. I took pictures for Paula, when I viewed them on the computer, I have more of the other team. I was just snapping away, so Paula could make the kids a DVD of the season.
Steve brought Veronika and Violet to the game so they could go with us to the fair, while they finished their yard sale.The orginal plan was to go to the zoo. Ron said he would go with me, so we decided on the fair. And the kids said they prefered the fair. We didn't realize how HOT it would be and how hard that would be on us old folks, well at least me. The kids had fun, but even they had red faces. Ron bought 2 large lemonades, we all sucked it down in minutes. And I had brought water bottles for all the kids. We didn't get to see the livestock or arts and crafts barn. I was sad about that. There is really too much to see, unless you have the energy to stay all day. And we stuck with our plan, eat some fair food, ride a couple of rides and leave after two hours.
In all it was a great weekend! We were able to spend time with grandkids,(Thomas kids were in Dallas) saw a soccer game, the fair, got to buy ice cream from the ice cream truck, Steve grilled us some hot dogs, then finished the weekend off with seeing Jackson, Tucker and Violet sing in the Preschool Choir! 

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