Thursday, March 07, 2013

Happy 35th or 36th Anniversay?

Ron and I have been married for 36 years! Yes, 36, not 35, like I have been celebrating for a week. We were married March 5, 1977! Since I was confused about the years, I am still going to consider the Disneyland trip being for our 35th anniversay. Kay sent me a text to let me know.

So we can still celebrate out 36th! YES!

Most of this post then is about our 35th anniversay, which we celebrated Feb 27-March 3, 2013.

This year, we had a business trip in California, so we decided to take the kids and grandkids to Disneyland and California Adventure Park! Party of 17 please! Arranging a trip for 17 people is a little overwhelming. I told the kids to make their own flights, but we ended up getting the same flight, except for Amanda and Josh, they went a day early. We stayed at the Grand Californian! I love that hotel!
The awesome part of the trip, is that a large portion of the trip was paid for with reward money! I work hard to save up our reward money in a vacation account just for these family trips. And, since there was business, part of the trip was paid for by Southwest Radiator.

The not so awesome part of the trip, is that my knee was not up to par.I have a knee replacement surgery scheduled for March 19. If I had any doubts about the surgery, the trip confirmed that this is the right decision.

The trip was so quick, travel 1 day, 3 days at the parks, travel again. We had to pack a lot of activity in those 3 days.

Trip highlights:
Fiona getting off the Winnie the Pooh ride and saying, "Winnie de Poo is my favorite!".

Phoenix riding Space Mountain and telling us, "Me not like it"! But he rode almost every ride that his siblings rode, except Tower of Terror!

Swimming on Saturday morning, that was fun to swim outside in March.

The fireworks over Sleeping Beauty Castle, feature Tinker Bell flying over the castle, Tinker Bell is a real live girl flying over the castle! It was impressive!

Not a highlight, but memorable, Andrea and Amanda getting Violot, Veronika and Evie to ride "Tower of Terror". Poppa was not happy about that, those girls were terrified, and Jackson was terrified to even talk about it, he wouldn't even walk by that part of the park.

Goofys Kitchen, delicious buffett, lots of characters, having the character and buffet almost to ourselves because of arriving a little late at the hotel.

Breakfast at the Storyteller Cafe, woodland characters, Chip and Dale, Bear, Monkey, I do not know the character names, but I loved their actions.

Knowing that Paula and the big kids kept riding and going during nap time for babies and old people!

The morning of our actual 36th anniversay was not so much fun.

I spent our actual anniversary going to the hospital pre-op appointment, then to various doctor offices taking care of business, insurance cards, medical records, etc. Then went and met with the accountant to file our tax returns, and then went to work! Yeah, the excitment of the day!

Since being made aware of my error in what we were celebrating, I have decided that we will celebrate our 36th anniversay by going to Univeral Studios.

When Disneyland and I both turn 60, in 2015, we must party together!

Ron has promised me a trip to Hawaii to continue to celebrate our anniversay! I have been waniting to go to Hawaii since our 25th anniversay. We have not felt that we could leave work long enough to enjoy a trip that far away! We both have a goal of losing more weight and for me, getting my knee recovered well enough to enjoy the time spent vacationing.

So, 35-36 years, either way, what an amazing life we have been blessed with!

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