Thursday, August 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

My 52nd Birthday was Sunday, Tuesday night I cooked dinner for the family. Actually, I cooked the vegtables, Steve cooked some great steaks on the grill, Paula made the cake.
Tuesday morning, I went to the River Market to pick up some fresh vegtables and the steaks at the meat market. I also picked up the sunflowers. I love the fresh corn on the cob, squash and mixed vegtables.
Paula made birthday cake. The boys little outfits and the cake coordinated. We all enjoyed it, Tucker really enjoyed it. Jackson sang "Happy Birthday" several times, and blew out the candles over and over.
The steaks were possibly the best ever. I bought a second grill, because mine was too small to cook 8 steaks.
I had a great birthday party! Thanks everyone!


Angie said...

Happy Birthday Donna, I love fresh veggies and steaks aren't too bad either.

Andrea said...

Watching Tucker eat the birthday cake and corn was hilarious, I wish we had a video of it!

Donna said...

I'm glad you are back at work, you can email and blog now!