Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Awana Closing

Sunday night we had our AWANA closing. This year was great. Amanda, Andrea, Paula, and our friend Julie Mayberry helped out in our Wednesday night class. We had 9 kids this year. And many nights we had extra pregnant Moms hanging out with us. And we had three of those Moms have their babies and bring them also. What a room full.

It was a pretty crazy room full. But I think the kids learned about the Bible, said some memory verses, learned new songs and pretty much had a good time.

I really love teaching this class. I have been working with the "pre-cubbies" for 5 years. I have gotten to know so many people, parents and their children. And the other teachers.

I consider it a blessing to me to be able to do this ministry.

Amanda was in charge of music. I love this song they do, kneel and pray, they kids love it!

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