Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spring 2008

The neighbors little guinea is sitting on eggs in my garden. And a mother wren built her nest in our garage. The babies left the nest last night. One was afraid to leave this window area. The orange and yellow snapdragons came back from last year.

This has been the most beautiful spring! The flowers are blooming, perennials have grown bigger than ever. I haven't been able to work in my garden as much as I would normally enjoy. What a joy it is to see plants grow and bloom without my assistance!

It reminds me of the scripture, consider the lilies, they neither toll nor spin, but even Soloman in all his glory was not arrayed like them, anyway, we are not supposed to worry, God will take care of us.

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AmandaThomas said...

The poor baby guineas. I wish we could have saved them.

Several of the eggs have hatched and those babies died. Mom and dad think the other eggs may never hatch.

It's so sad