Sunday, April 25, 2010

California Flowers and Birds

California is known for the poppy, so I was very excited to see lots of poppies in bloom. The pinkish flower looked like a mum. There were so many of them and several colors. We saw many beautiful flowers on the drive. After going to the NARSA meeting Saturday, we visited a botanical garden. It was a pretty nice garden, and they were having a plant sale. They had sold out of the poppy seeds, so I bought some poppy plants. We packed them in a box and carried them home on the plane. I haven't gotten them planted yet, but I hope to grow some poppies.
When we visited Turkey, I picked seeds from the 4 oclocks that were potted up in store fronts. I can't really remember which 4 oclocks came from Turkey, my sister, Ann, or Josh's Grandmother's, or were store bought. But I love having "borrowed" plants and plants that have a special memory.


Amber said...

Love the pictures of flowers! Glad you had a good time in California!

Kay said...

Loved the pics! I want to go back to California for a longer vacation. There is so much to explore on the Pacific coastline.