Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Happy Birthday Tucker

Tucker was born on a beautiful Saturday in April! His Daddy was on the golf course, ready for a great day of golf. We were planning a busy day of yard work. Gloria called us early, like at 7 am, and said, “Now don’t hurry, but Paula is in labor!” I jumped out of bed and started rushing around telling Ron, Andrea and Amanda to, “Hurry Up! Paula is in labor!” We had a 3 hour drive ahead of us, we couldn’t waste any time.

Thankfully, Tucker waited for us to welcome him into the world, on that beautiful Saturday afternoon.

April 29, 2006, my wonderful daughter in law allowed me to join them in the delivery room to witness the birth of our 2nd grandchild. I don’t think I have ever adequately thanked Paula for allowing me into the delivery room to help welcome her baby boys into the world. Watching a baby enter the world is amazing, what words can describe the excitement and joy! What a blessing to see the look on your sons face as he holds his own child for the first time.

Tucker has had such a busy life from the start. He attended two weddings, his Daddy’s graduation from law school and a move to Little Rock, just in his first month! Like most second born children, life has never slowed.

“Have you met Tucker?” is my favorite description about Tucker and his “feel strong” emotions, when I would inquire about what was wrong. Tucker went from being slightly emotional but always precious, to being such a character! Tucker has perhaps the sweetest voice ever. I knew he had a sweet voice, but didn’t know he knew how to ask for stuff by using that “sweet voice”, until we were at Disney World, and he asked for a hat or something. I am pretty sure that anyone would give Tucker whatever he asked for if he used that “sweet voice”, but he being such a sweetheart, he doesn’t ask for much!

A very blessed Mommy blogged about her MIL taking her children for her, one child, one day a week, every week. What a great idea! So I am trying to borrow that and take one grandchild out by themselves, especially around their respective birthday.

So a few weeks ago, Brad and Paula had an event, so it seemed like a good time to take one child and let them take one. So I was able to enjoy Tuckers’ company, just him. I believe it was the first time I had been with Tucker without Jackson. And I must say I really enjoy being with the boys, they are quite entertaining. Having just Tucker was really fun. He TALKED to me. We didn’t even watch a movie while driving home. I just heard that “sweet voice”, and when Tucker asked for a snow one, I was so happy to say yes, let’s get a snow cone! What a simple pleasure to share time with just Tucker!


Paula said...

What a nice tribute...thanks:-)

Amber said...

What a sweet big boy! Loved this post...it was fun to read about your grandchildren!