Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Amanda

Happy Birthday Amanda

Amanda was born, May 26, 1986, a Monday, Memorial Day. Somehow, all three of my children have birthdays that fall on a holiday every few years.

On that Memorial Day, I woke up feeling pretty good. I was having my Mom out for dinner. I put a roast in the oven and Ron was putting up the little above ground pool for Brad and Andrea. I decided to run up to what was then Southwest City Mall. I had been feeling light contractions, but the shopping really made them get pretty intense. I got home, opened the door, and said, OK, let’s go to the hospital. I guess I had fairly short labors.

Amanda was born in the early evening, with Ron, Brad, Andrea, Kay and my Mom all in the delivery room with us. I asked Brad and Andrea recently if they remembered Amanda’s birth. Brad remembered getting a toy, Andrea remembered Kay saying Amanda looked like a “Gremlin”. Supposedly siblings bond with the new baby when present for the birth. I do think my kids are very close and love each other, but I don’t really attribute it to the birth experience. I think we just had a lot of family fun together.

Amanda was such a sweet and easy baby, or maybe my memory tells me she was easy. I just know that nothing changed our life like having Brad did, so having another baby was never quite as traumatic as having that first one.

Amanda has always loved animals, she REALLY loved her animals. She grew up and still loves her animals. We have had a revolving door of cats, dogs, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters…I can’t even name them all. Now she even has Evie loving her animals. Their latest two little kittens allow Evie to drag them around like little rag dolls.

Amanda used to make commercials with everyday products, by herself, in front of a mirror. I would hear her talking in the bathroom, selling shampoo or a hairbrush or whatever. I suspect she still does it.

I really think Amanda enjoyed being the baby of the family. Brad and Andrea took care of her when she was little. But she made up for it, when she was older, Amanda would take care of them. Brad and Andrea would not speak up to adults, but Amanda would. We were watching a parade at Disney World and a gold coin was thrown from the parade and landed at this woman’s’ feet. Amanda looked at her and said, “Hey, that’s my brothers!” It wasn’t Brads, but the woman gave it up!

Amanda was diagnosed with a learning disability in reading while in elementary school. I could tell that reading was so difficult for her. She worked so hard in school and always made really good grades. Her IQ was actually way above average, and that was evident by her verbal knowledge. Parenting always brings challenges, and this was something we worried over, whether we were doing what was right for her. Well, when Amanda took AP classes in high school, was editor of the high school yearbook, president of the National Honor Society, played soccer, etc, I knew she was just fine!

I am so proud of Amanda, for who she is, for her emotions, her convictions, her joy. And I am so happy for her. Amanda loves her husband, Evie and the poor unnamed baby girl due in August! I love you Amanda!


Randi said...

That bit about pitching commercials in front of the mirror is hilarious! I hope she does still do that.

Calley said...

Awww! So sweet! I love that she looks out for her siblings!


Nice girl