Monday, May 17, 2010

My Dream Vacation

For Ron's 60th birthday we went to Disneyworld. For my 60th birthday, or sooner if I can save some money, I want to go to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure. I have started reading the blog, "the pioneerwoman". The woman that writes the blog just blogged about their family vacation to Orlando and the parks there. I love family vacations! I love amusement parks! And I have always wanted to go back to Universal. The Dr Suess rides and decor just look like so much fun!

I also love the pioneer woman blog because she has photography hints. She also has cooking, homeschooling, decorating and gardening hints.

I also have some other Dream Vacation plans, but that blog just reminded of wanting to go to Orlando.
I still haven't gotten to Hawaii or Alaska or snow skiing, but that is another dream.


Randi said...

I love Pioneer Woman, too. Have you read the story of how she met and married her husband? It's a must read!

Donna said...

Randi, I found The Pioneer Woman blog on your blog! I love reading that blog!

Andrea said...

Sounds good to me...5 more years right?