Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Paula

Paula celebrated a milestone birthday this year, her 30th. It’s hard to believe that the young college girl Brad brought home eleven years ago is a 30 year old woman. We have had the pleasure of watching Paula become the amazing woman that she is during these years

When we met Paula, we didn’t know if she was a young woman just passing through our life or if she would be here to experience life with. In 1998, we took our son to college in Fayetteville. In 2006, we brought him home with a wife and two baby boys! I would have to say that we have had the pleasure of experiencing life with Paula part of it, and with the blessings that go along with it.

As the first “in law”, Paula taught us some new traditions, and she learned some of ours. The sharing of food out of each others plates, especially desserts, was and is something that Paula had to learn to accept. And Paula bought us some of her family traditions and recipes that have now become some of our favorites. The Christmas morning breakfast casserole is my favorite new tradition. The casserole cooks while presents are being opened, what a pleasant aroma to accompany the gift giving.

Paula is beautiful, smart, caring, giving of her time and talents. I like to call her the baby whisperer, because she can sooth any baby. And with her nursing profession background, family and friends call Paula to get her medical opinion before and after calling the doctor.

Paula makes friends everywhere she goes. Her and Brad moved into a new neighborhood, and before long she had a neighborhood group organized, taking food to new moms, having block parties, bunko parties and jumping into the MOPS group full force. Paula spent her actual birthday this year volunteering at church, helping to organize meals for the tornado cleanup workers.

Paula takes such good care of her boys, Brad, Jackson and Tucker. Jackson and Tucker are two happy little boys, and their Mommy is responsible for that. She has given her boys a great start in life, good food, good play, and good friends. Paula has been bringing her boys to Awana , and worked with pre-cubbies, teaching her boys and other preschoolers about God. Paula has made her little boys into caring and affectionate little individuals. They learned that, by example, from their mommy.

I am so thankful that Brad has Paula for his wife. I know that they love each other and like each other. And if you know what I mean by liking each other, sometimes liking someone is as important as loving someone.

I also love Paula and like her too! Happy Birthday Paula!


Paula said...

aw, thank you Donna! I dont know what to say...but thank you for such a sweet post. Im blessed to have such great you guys!

Kay said...

Paula, As Donna said, you are such a blessing to all the family! Happy 30th Birthday! Love you, KayKay

Smart said...