Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Phoenix

Phoenix turned 1 on Saturday. His Mommy and Daddy had a party for him at Dodi and Poppa’s house! We had pizza, cake, ice cream and went swimming.

Little Phoenix received his first race car, first toy tractor, a alligator backpack, along with some other cute things. I picked out his little Fisher Price Farm set, with a little tractor. When he is a little older, he will have to have a John Deere riding tractor!

What an eventful year for a little boy. Phoenix had surgery the week before his birthday and luckily he had recovered pretty well before his actual birthday.

Little Phoenix entertains his big sisters and all of us with his bright smile. Phoenix has bright blue eyes and a big smile. I love the way that Violet calls Phoenix “Buddy”! I am not known for picking out special birthday cards, I try, but I just don’t usually find anything special. This time I found a card that said Happy Birthday to a special “Buddy”! I was so excited!

Phoenix is just about ready to walk! He crawls and pulls up, but hasn’t taken that 1st step yet! That should be any day now. Go Phoenix!

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Sarppu said...

Oh what fantastic family and beautiful photos, greetings from finland