Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flowers & Butterflys

This year I planted flowers in my garden, AGAIN! I feel like I should plant vegetables, but they just don't grow good for me. The tomatoes don't really grow. If some vegetables do grow, then I forget to to pick it and cook it.  The weeds take over. If weeds grow among the flowers, that's OK. I have them planted really close, and they still bloom beautifully. This year, I didn't have Ron plow my garden plot. He had mulched the leaves and dumped them on the garden bed, so I shoved the leaves aside and planted the seeds. I left the leaves as mulch between the rows. 
The biggest surprise, was the 12 foot tall sunflower! This sunflower grew all by itself from seeds dropped by the previous years flowers. It just popped up in the middle of the bed, so I avoided disturbing it, and look at it's glory. I have planted a giant sunflower seed and I have planted a seed that has multiple blooms. But I have not planted a giant sunflower with multiple blooms. I think maybe I have a new cultivar! The bees and butterflies cross pollinate the flowers, so, if it is a new cultivar, I don't really get the credit. But maybe I could name it!
 I plan on saving the seeds from the giant sunflower and some of the others too.
I am excited to see what will grow next year!


Andrea said...

I was thinking that most tall sunflowers are just a single stalk. Someday when my kids are bigger I want to grow flowers like yours but I don't want to water right is too hot outside!

Donna said...

Actually, I have a plan. Next year, I will bring a bag of potting soil, to each grandchild, dump it in a corner of the yard, let them plant the seeds, tell them they must water them daily. That way, there will be no tilling, maybe no weeding, just some flowers!

Maher Family said...

How beautiful!!! I wish my garden looked liked that:)

Terri said...

I have the really big sunflowers, but for some reason I never planted the Zinnias! Next year I plan to put a cutting garden right in the front of my vegetable patch!

Enjoyed visiting your blog!

Tracey said...

I think that's the tallest sunflower I've seen!!!

Kay said...

Are you kidding me? How does it even support itself? You should send that in to the newspaper or Guiness world records book.