Monday, August 09, 2010

Happy Birth Day Fiona

The Thomas Family

Dodi and Fiona

Poppa and Fiona
Friday, August 6, 2010, Fiona Lori Thomas was welcomed into the world, bounding in at a respectable 9 lb, 14.4 oz! Fiona is a beautiful baby girl, thick dark hair, chubby cheeks, just precious! From early reports from Amanda, Fiona is going to be a calm, easy baby.

Being invited into the birth room of my grandchildren is one of the most exciting, precious, unbelievable experiences of my life. I am so proud of my daughter in law and daughters for how they have nurtured their babies before birth, during the birth and nurtured these precious children as they grow.

And they have all allowed me to be a part of that experience. I am truly blessed!

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Kay said...

Donna, so happy for you and the whole family. What a miracle and blessing to be there with Amanda and Josh for the birth of Fiona! I can't wait to hold her.