Monday, August 30, 2010

Fiona's First Church Visit

Fiona Lori Thomas was brought to church for the first time last Sunday! Amanda, Josh and Evie, along with the Long family, brought their little baby girls to church. Our church presents the baby, prays for the family and for the child, that they might be taught about Jesus and his saving grace. The babies are presented their first Bible also.
Brother Paul was pretty brave to hold both of these baby girls. Fiona and Abby will be loved and cherised by their church family!
Noah, the little red headed boy, has been in my Sunday School class this year. Evie and Violet will join my class this Sunday. I am so excited about that. And in 2 short years, Fiona and Abby will be in my class, provided they still let me teach.
God is good! I cannot wait to share the Bible and the love of Jesus with these little ones.


Anonymous said...

aww, so sweet!

Calley said...

Oh! I love it! Precious grandbabies! :)