Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Busy Year for our Golden Years

Andrea texted me about an October weekend that where thinking about traveling. I told her we would be in Istanbul that week! She said we were busy for our "Golden Years"!
We do have a busy fall scheduled. We have certain business trips that we take annually. And we have some additional activies and trips that I scheduled. I purchased season passes for Celebrity Attractions and the Children's Theatre.
We have always worked so many hours in the summer, it's the nature of the business. Long hours in the heat of the summer! Ron has worked especially hard this summer. Ron is a 60 year old man, back to working in the radiator shop! And in one of the hottest summers on record! He's still got it! There were mulitple days of 106 degrees plus, and a heat index of whatever! And he never complains about the hard work! or even the heat! I would melt if I had to walk across the parking lot.
This is why we have a busy schedule! After the long hot summer, Ron deserves some rest and relaxaton!
I decided to organize my schedule and print it out, so that the activities would not conflict. Also that my kids will know where we are and when we will be home!

                                     Schedule 2010-2011

September 5 Sunday Bird Island Trip Lake Ouachita

September 6 Monday Day Trip Mount Magazine

September 11 Saturday Babysit Jackson & Tucker

September 13 Monday Diaper Dinner/Baby Shower Amanda and Fiona

September 17-Oct 3 Fri/Sat/Sun Tom Sawyer Ark Children’s Theatre

*need to go Sept 17 weekend due to travel- Jackson, Tucker and Veronika

September 19 Sunday East Union MBC Homecoming

September 22-26? Wednesday-Sunday Knoxville Business Trip

October 1-3 Friday-Sunday Gaston’s White River Resort

October 9 Saturday Babysit Jackson & Tucker

October 16-24 Week Istanbul Turkey Business Trip

October 30 Saturday Babysit Jackson &Tucker

October 31 Sunday Fall Festival - Grandkids Hayride

November 1-4 Week Las Vegas Business Trip

November 5 Friday Amanda & Josh "Wicked" Babysit Evie/Fiona

November 6 Saturday Ron & Donna "Wicked"

November 12 Friday Andrea & Steve "Wicked"

Babysit Veronika, Violet and Phoenix

November 13 Saturday Brad & Paula "Wicked" Babysit Jackson & Tucker

November 25 Thanksgiving

November 27 Saturday Babysit Jackson &Tucker

December 3-19 Fri/Sat/Sun Junie B Jones JT&V


January 21-Feb 6 Fri/Sat/Sun The Jungle Book JT&;V

January 23 Sunday The Color Purple

March 11-27 Fri/Sat/Sun If You Give A Pig A Pancake JT&V

March 31 Thursday The A Aluminum Show

April 29-May 15 Fri/Sat/Sun There’s A Boy In The Girls Bathroom JT&V

Mixed in this schedule are birthdays, holidays, parties, dinners, play times with the grandkids. I am so excited to have such a busy year planned!

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Andrea said...

That is a CrAzY schedule! What are ya'll doing at Mt. Magazine?