Thursday, February 10, 2011

California Dreaming 2011

Ron and I went on a business trip to California. I had a room booked at a perfectly nice hotel, very rustic and old. Ron saw it, and just as I thought, he was not happy. So we went to The Post Ranch. This place is the nicest place we have ever stayed. The place looks over the Pacific Ocean, from every room, the living room, the bedroom and the bathroom. There is a soaking tub on the patio, and two infinity pools and another pool. There are hiking trails, we saw turkey, deer, hawks. The most exciting was seeing the water spray from the gray whales. We were pretty high on  the mountain, so we couldn't see the whales and I could not get a picture! That was so frustrating! Ron and I both saw several spouts sprays. The gray whales migrate in January and February, south to Mexico all the way from Alaska! There migrate farther than any other mammal. In April or so, they migrate back to Alaska, with their babies. 
We hiked the trails around the hotel, and saw huge redwood trees. Flowers were blooming early, we saw Monarch butterflies, which also winter at Big Sur!
We drove through Pebble Beach, which actually has several golf courses and a "17 mile drive", we saw all kinds of shorebirds and sea lions.
Clint Eastwood restored a sheep farm, Mission Ranch, we had dinner at the Ranch. They say Clint is often seen dining there, but we did not see him! It was some delicious food though. I think we had fish for every dinner, and artichokes. California has some great food, and some great scenery!


Kimmie said...

Oh wow! That is absolutely beautiful! I bet you guys really enjoyed your time there.

Andrea said...

That must be where the famous people stay with they visit! That is amazing!

Kay said...

That sounds like an amazing place to spend a few days. Ronnie has good taste! Don't you just love the west coast...we can't wait to travel that way again.