Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Fun

This was such a beautiful weekend! The weather was so nice. I was able to do a little weeding in my flower beds. We decided to cook burgers and hot dogs for lunch Sunday. Everyone brought over the riding toys for the kids. Jackson and Tucker have a Rip Riper and EZ Rider, those things look fun. Violet and Phoenix brought their riding toys, the Radio Flyer and a 4 wheeler. Steve took the kids riding on the 4 wheeler.
Poppa restored the John Deer tractor that we bought for Jackson when he was two. They have loved riding the tractor again. The girls are trying to learn to drive it without running into the cars, trees, people...
Poppa cooked, then actually played with the kids. He often justs sits on the couch while they play around us.
Poppa pushed Phoenix in his little Radio Flyer, then helped Violet and Evie with their bubbles.
He is also working on his table for the train sets. He has been working every free minute.
Thank you Poppa!

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Kay said...

What a wonderful weekend with your family. All the grandkids will have such warm and wonderful memories with you and Ronnie.