Monday, December 12, 2011

Big Cedar & Dogwood Canyon

Violet and Evie feeding the fish at the Glory Hole!

Elvis! the big buffalo daddy!

One of the many elk at Dogwood Canyon. This isn't even the biggest elk.


Evie and Fiona!

Family picture after the Elf visited the kids!

Evie and Fiona loved the rice krispy treat that the elf brought.

The kids loved the little racoon.

This trip to Big Cedar was so nice. I love this place. You do not have to leave the property to have fun, entertainment or delicious food. We went to Dogwood Canyon, which is about 20 miles from Big Cedar. I would imagine the canyon would be even more beautiful when the dogwoods and redbud trees are in bloom. It was still lovely. The highlight is the tram ride to the mountian tops where the elk, buffalo and long horn steer live. The driver feeds the animals right outside the tram ride. The kids touched the elk's antlers.
We went to Silver Dollar City for a short visit. Ron and I couldn't enjoy the visit because we both are having knee problems. Saturday night, we had a fantistic dinner, followed by a horse drawn wagon ride to see the Big Cedar lights. Then we all put on our Christmas PJs and had a visit from one of Santa's Elves! The Elf brought the kids a stocking with a cute racoon toy, candy and read the kids a story. That would be my highlight of the day! This was our Thanksgiving trip, and it made me thankful for simple pleasures experienced with our kids and grandkids!
Veronika petting the elk!

Evie touching the antlers!

Evie, Fiona, Tucker, Veronika, Wyatt, Jackson, Phoenix and Violet!
The kids are so precious!

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Kimmie said...

LOVE the picture of all of your grandbabies! CUTE