Friday, January 04, 2013

Christmas Ornaments 2012

Nesting Doll from Amanda. This doll has 32 smaller dolls inside, maybe not a Christmas ormament, but it reminds me of Christmas.

Gourd Santa from Andrea and Steve. I love my Santa collection!

Frank Lloyd Wright ornament from Arizona, when we went on a business trip there.

Cinderella coach, from Disneyland, CA trip.

Santa light from Ebay. Our Grandmother Johnson had one and I loved it so I found one on Ebay.

Santa bell shape "Toll" painting done by my Mom! She took lessons on Toll painting.

"Andrea Storyteller" hand painted ornament, from Arizona!

Make Way for Duckings ornament from Boston Massacheuetts, fun trip, no business!

Thatcher Island ornament, from Cape May Massacheuetts!

Ballerina ornament, purchased from an estate sale back in the 90's. This was the
beginning of my love for Christmas ornaments!

Santa ornament from Disneyworld, probably when we went to Disney for Ron's 60th birthday, 2010.

I love my ornaments and decided to make  a blog post about them so that I could remember what I have and maybe when it was acquired, for the sake of prosperity.


Andrea said...

I love all of the Christmas ornaments! Somewhere there is a picture of Amanda with the nesting dolls all lined up. Did it come from Germany?

Donna said...

Did it come from Germany or the Christmas craft fair?