Friday, January 04, 2013

Christmas Snow 2012

Jackson, 2 days before his 8th Birthday!Great birthday present!
This was a HUGE event for Arkansas, the first snow on Christmas Day since, I  do not know when. The snow started December 25, late in the afternoon. It started with sleet, limbs snapping. The power soon went out.We were about to have dinner when the snow started, so we didn't really want to go outside. The next day, no power, so we all went to Andrea's and Steve house to play in the snow and eat! They have a  wonderful hill in their front yard! When they built the house, I thought, WOW, can't wait for some snow! The first year, and awesome snow.

Fiona Snow Bunny

Amanda's wipe out! It was such fun to watch!

The kids flew down the hill! Tucker kept crashing, but kept going!

Snow Bunny Evie! They loved sledding!

I loved this picture! Look at the smiles!

                  Snow Bunny Veronika!

Go Violet Go! The kids were little, but they kept going and going!

Go Phoenix!

I had to include this to remember that I did still give sledding a try! I love the snow
as much as the kids! It was a wonderful day!


Calley said...

What a fun day!! Great pictures!!

Andrea said...
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Andrea said...

Amanda's wipe out makes my hysterical!

Paula said...

Such a great day!

Paula said...

Such a great day!