Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weight Loss Odyssey!

These are my before pictures, taken close to my heaviest weight, I have been unhappy about my weight for some time. But about year ago, my knee started giving me trouble. I had gone to the ortho doctor because my knee was hurting. He said the knee cap was off center, told me to exercise the knee, ride the stationary bike, do therapy.
One Saturday, Ron and I went to a farm auction, where he bought a "farm" tractor, by the way, I walked and stood in a field all day. The next day, the kids and I went to see "Shrek" the Broadway play at the Robinson Auditorium. While walking down the sidewalk, my knee popped and I had some pain that I have never experienced before.
Despite the pain, I hobbled into the auditorium, requested a wheel chair, so that we could see the play. It was GREAT! A lot of people helped me that day!
The doctor diagnosed a torn meniscus. I had surgery for a meniscus repair in December 2011. A year of exercise and therapy didn't really heal my knee.
In August of 2012, I gave serious consideration to lap band surgery to lose weight. I finally decided that losing weight might heal my knee.
The profile picture shows my knee problem. My right knee is knock-kneed. I think it always was, but not to this extent. So, besides my weight getting out of hand, I knew I needed to lose weight to help my knee. Walking hurts, I am constantly afraid of it getting worse, and I walk with it kind of caving in.
I scheduled the lap band surgery for September 2012. I needed to lose enough weight to get my BMI below 40 for the surgery to be considered lower risk and cost less.
On August 13, 2012, I started recording my food and exercise on My Fitness Pal. I attempted to keep my calories at 1200 and ride the recumbent bike 60 minutes at least 5 days a week. 
I used some GNC Protein shakes some to help me lose weight.
The first 15-20 lbs came off pretty quick. I was on track to lose 2 lbs a week. 
Then the holidays hit. My loss has slowed down considerably!
I have not given up though. This is when I would normally give up and just quit.
January 2013, I have started the South Beach diet. For 2 weeks, no sugar, fruit, bread, potatoes, rice, etc. I made that for about 1 1/2 weeks, then we went on a business trip.
After the trip, I have been using a modified South Beach. I have tried to reduce my carbohydrate intake. I have also changed my exercise to 20-30 minutes of riding at a higher pace.
I bought a massage table for my therapy, and an occasional massage!
 February 2013, I have lost 30.1 lbs! I am very excited about that!
I have so much more that I need to lose, but I have not been at this weight for years!
I also have my knee surgery scheduled. March 19!
I hope to lose a few more pounds before the surgery. And to continue my weight loss odyssey!
Ron is losing weight just by eating what I give him and a bad case of pnemonia! This picture is from our January 2013 trip to Tampa Florida.. This is at the Tampa Bontanical Garden. I hope to post another picture next year showing less of us both.

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Andrea said...

Wow! I guess I don't notice it in person, you can really tell that leg it different! You're doing great with your weight loss!